‘Suits’: Everything We Know About the Spinoff

Suits is going through an interesting transition with losing Meghan Markle and Patrick J. Adams. But what is even more interesting: The show is now getting a spinoff. The backdoor pilot for the new show will be on the original show, and there is already a plan as to why Jessica Pearson (Gina Torres) will come back to Suits.

So what do you need to know to prepare for the new show? Here are seven big things to know from the cast, the character descriptions, and when Katherine Heigl’s new character will appear on Suits (page 7.)

1. Jessica Pearson will come back for Harvey’s help

Gina Torres sits at a desk as she looks forward.

Gina Torres’ character is getting her own show. | USA

Lawyer Jessica Pearson will be leading the show. She previously left the firm to Harvey Specter and Louis Litt. In Season 7, she will return to get help from Harvey to move into her new role in Chicago. Creator Aaron Korsh had nothing but great things to say about Gina Torres in the announcement.

He said, according to Deadline:

It was an extraordinary pleasure working with Gina on Suits for six years. Beyond her undeniable talent, she is an incredible partner and collaborator, and I always hoped we would work together again. I am sincerely grateful to USA and UCP for giving Dan Arkin, my producing partners at Hypnotic and me the opportunity to continue Jessica Pearson’s journey in this new series that will encapsulate all that our fans love about her and Suits – but with its own distinct story that will be unique to the franchise.”

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2. Season 7’s finale will be focused on the spinoff with Mike and Rachel’s send-off

Mike and Rachel talk inside an office.

These two will probably get a happy ending. | USA

A lot of the groundwork for the spinoff will be in the Season 7 finale of Suits. The show’s creator Aaron Korsh explained this decision with Variety, saying:

What I didn’t want to do was to make the spinoff a completely separate episode on its own that wasn’t connected to our world. The way the sendoff happens and the way the spinoff happens integrates into what’s happening in the overall story, and they both ultimately happen in the same episode. It’s because of timing that the finale is the episode where the spinoff took place.

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3. Morgan Spector will play Bobby Golec

Morgan Spector smiling while wearing a black three-piece suit on a red carpet.

Morgan Spector | Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images

The Mist alum Morgan Spector will play Bobby Golec who is a charismatic mayor from Chicago, according to Cinema Blend. The mayor will be seeking reelection in the upcoming show and, somehow, that means he will be dealing with Jessica Pearson a lot.

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4. Rebecca Rittenhouse will play Keri Allen

Rebecca Rittenhouse smiles as she poses for paparazzi on a red carpet.

Rebecca Rittenhouse | Mark Davis/Getty Images

The Blood & Oil actress is playing attorney Keri Allen, according to Cinema Blend. She is an ambitious lawyer who is also the right hand to mayor Morgan Spector.

It’s interesting to think about what kind of duo the two will be on the show.

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5. Bobby and Keri will be in Season 7 of Suits

Rebecca Rittenhouse and Morgan Spector collage.

Left: Rebecca Rittenhouse on a red carpet. | Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images, Right: Morgan Spector will be joining the Suits cast. | Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Luckily, we won’t have to wait long to see Bobby and Keri. The two will be in Season 7 to set up the spinoff, according to Cinema Blend.

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6. Amanda Schull will be part of the core six on Suits

Amanada Schull stands with Meghan Markle in a conference room in 'Suits'.

Amanda Schull and Meghan Markle on Suits. | USA

The actress has been promoted to a regular for Suits so that means big things are to come.

When asked if this mean she will be part of the core six, Korsh answered “Absolutely.” But that’s not all. “…I would add Gretchen, Sheila [Rachael Harris] and Zane. All of these people are regular parts of the show whom you learn more and more about. That’s what we’re planning on doing next year.”

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7. Heigl won’t be introduced until Season 8

Katherine Heigl with his hair up, smiling on the red carpet.

Katherine Heigl | Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Since Season 7 is setting up both the spinoff and the future of Suits, you might be wondering if Heigl’s new character will also be introduced. But you’ll have to wait a little longer.

Korsh said, “No, not until Season 8” to her character’s entrance.

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