Super Bowl LIV: Who Will Jennifer Lopez and Shakira Bring Out As A Guest? Twitter Has Voted!

With exactly twelve days to go until Super Bowl LIV, so much speculation has been swirling around the game’s halftime superstars.

Shakira and Jennifer Lopez
Shakira and Jennifer Lopez | Kevin Mazur/WireImage

How will they cram so much superstardom into such a short performance? Are they really not getting along in the days leading up to their show? And now, most recently, who will be joining the two Latin stars in the watched-by-the-entire-world program?

Twitter just voted and if it’s any indication of what’s coming, it should be good!

Here’s what we know about the talent roster for the most anticipated halftime show to date.

The big announcement

The world was astonished when it was announced in 2019 that not only would Jennifer Lopez be headlining the halftime show, but also Shakira. Two of the biggest names in music on one worldwide stage. This was all producer Jay-Z’s idea, so how could Lopez and Shakira say no?

The two women spoke with ET Canada at the time of the announcement in 2019. Lopez said, “I love that it’s in Miami, it is a very Latino town.”

Shakira added, “I’m honored, I’m humbled, to be next to J-Lo, representing the Latino community. It’s such an important force in the United States.”

“I love that the Super Bowl has two women performing this year,” J-Lo added. “That they have two Latinas performing this year. . . For me it’s the marker of a new time, not just for the NFL, but for this country. It sends an important message…to the world.”

“It’s going to mean a lot for our community, here in the U.S. and abroad,” Shakira said.

“In the end,” J-Lo concluded, “it’s about making a statement about love and unity and making everyone come together for a moment, and hopefully that resonates.”

Who does Twitter think should join Lopez and Shakira on the halftime show stage? asked Twitter, “Who do you hope #Shakira & #JenniferLopez bring out as a guest during their Super Bowl halftime performance? Vote!”

The running rumor has been that Miami native Pitbull will be joining them. In fact, it’s reported that Pitbull has been pushing to get invited on the halftime show stage and his fans initiated a petition to get him added to the billing for the show.

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It’s actually 12 days now, but who’s counting?

Twitter’s reactions to the question range from, “Pitbull, Yo!” to “Shakira is already bringing out JLo as a guest so that’s enough” to even “Beyoncé!” (do they want the stage to explode from all that star power?).

Tweeters also threw out Camila Cabello’s name a couple of times, as well as Gloria Estefan’s.

It’s looking pretty likely the guest will be Pitbull. Both singers have recorded duets with him, he’s from Miami, and he puts on a good show.

Whoever shows up, it’s going to be talked about for days

No matter who is invited to join them, the singers are understandably stoked for Super Bowl LIV.

“I am excited,” J.Lo shared with Robert Pattinson as part of Variety‘s “Actors on Actors” series. “I think there’s not a musical artist in the world that doesn’t dream of performing at the Super Bowl.”

By now, the singers have laid out the songs they’ll be performing and the electrifying performances they have in store for the millions who’ll be watching. The fact that they have 30 minutes, tops, to do it all is even more amazing.

Bring it on!

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