‘Supergirl’/’The Flash’ Crossover: What’s Next for Both Heroes?

Source: CBS

Source: CBS

Supergirl and The Flash finally crossed paths in last night’s highly anticipated crossover event, “Worlds Finest.” The long-awaited episode was just as charming and heartfelt as you imagined, seamlessly bringing together two of the most earnestly likable heroes on TV. But though Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) finds a way to speed back to his Earth by the end of the episode, this may not be the last time that he teams up with Kara Danvers (Melissa Benoist). The series producers recently discussed the possibility of future crossovers, as well as what’s next for both heroes.

In “Worlds Finest,” Barry accidentally speeds through the barriers of his world to the alternate Earth occupied by Kara and co. He arrives just in time to save her after she falls from the Catco building while unconscious. After a couple minutes of confusion and a brief introduction, the two become fast friends, teaming up to take down Livewire and Silver Banshee and to find a way to get Barry back home

So why was it Barry to make a trip to Supergirl’s National City instead of the other way around? Producer Greg Berlanti said it was a purposeful choice, having Barry share his experience with Supergirl the way that Oliver’s Arrow once did for him. “It’s maybe a little more fun at first to bring the veteran from that show to the chemistry of a new show,” he explained, per IGN. “You know, the first year of a new show is, for us, a steep, steep learning curve, and every episode you’re learning from. Sometimes you learn the hard way, and sometimes stuff works out. So I think [the crossover] was an opportunity to learn about the newer show.”

That being said, the trip won’t go entirely unacknowledged on The Flash. Audiences will learn more about how exactly Barry ended up in Supergirl’s universe in the March 29 episode of The Flash. “They flip order, obviously, because [‘Worlds Finest’] will air Monday… so the audience has to forgive us that one’s going to actually air before the other,” Berlanti said. “But you’ll see the shoutout in the [Flash] episode. It deals with Barry increasing his speed.”

Source: CBS

Source: CBS

While Barry tries to find a way to heighten his speed without jumping through the multi-verse, Kara will be busy dealing with the mysterious Myriad, which viewers caught a glimpse of in last night’s crossover. As explained in the episode, Myriad is essentially a form of mind control, turning the residents of National City into drones for the Kryptonians. Unfortunately for Kara, Non activated it just as she finally made a move on James.

“Non actually gives a speech where he talks about, ‘What has your free will gotten you? It’s gotten you a planet full of reality TV shows and politicians who can’t stand each other, and you’re all standing around sitting by as global warming is coming to destroy your planet,” producer Andrew Kreisberg told EW.

The idea behind Myriad is to force everyone onto the same path towards bettering the planet. “What if everybody was working in lockstep, what if everybody was moving in the same direction, what if everybody was working together, wouldn’t that be better?” Kreisberg explained. “Obviously we can all talk about how that’s horrible and you’re losing your free will…but he has a point of view you can argue, and that always makes the most compelling villains.”

With Myriad placing National City under the control of Non, Supergirl is left to figure out how to save her city on her own — well, kind of. “She has a couple of surprising players that you wouldn’t expect to be the two people completely unaffected by Myriad to help her,” Kreisberg teases.

While both The Flash and Supergirl will be plenty busy fighting off the bad guys in their respective cities, there is still room for them to team up again in the future. Both producers said they’d love to see Kara visit Barry and The Flash crew in Central City, although there are no plans for that particular crossover right now. And let’s not forget the possibility of uniting Supergirl with all the players of Legends of Tomorrow. As Kreisberg pointed out, Rip Hunter’s Waverider can go anywhere.

Supergirl, which has not yet been formally renewed for another season, airs at 8 p.m. Eastern on Monday nights on CBS. The Flash, which has been greenlit for a third season, airs at 8 p.m. Eastern on Tuesday nights on The CW.

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