SuperM Released a Teaser Trailer for Lucas and Fans Are Freaking Out

SuperM Lucas
Lucas is one of the members of SuperM | (Hu Chengwei/Getty Images for AFI)

SuperM’s debut album comes out on Oct. 4, 2019. To promote the album, SuperM released three different teaser trailers and concept photos of Taeyong, Baekhyun, and Ten. Lucas is the fourth member of SuperM to have a teaser trailer released. After the trailer dropped, SuperM fans freaked out over his visuals and the connection to past trailers.

Lucas is the fourth SuperM member to have a teaser trailer

Like the previous SuperM teaser trailers, Lucas’ trailer takes on a futuristic tone. It also resembles Taeyong’s trailer with clones and Ten’s trailer with the type of music and lighting. Like all of the previous trailers, Taemin makes an appearance.

The trailer starts in black and white as Lucas enters an elevator while wearing a suit. Just before Lucas steps onto the elevator, the footage changes from black and white to color. Lucas exits the elevator and as he roams the hallway lights turn on around him. Multiple versions of Lucas appear through a mirror illusion.

The lights turn off in the hallway and red strobe lights appear. Lucas is then seen wearing a leopard-print jacket and earrings. The next scene shows Taemin in a green-lit room turning the knob of a machine. At the end of the trailer, three different versions of Lucas wearing a suit enter empty elevators.

Fans loved Lucas’ trailer for SuperM

After the trailer dropped, fans flooded Twitter with positive messages about Lucas. Like Ten, Lucas is a member of WayV, a sub-unit of NCT. He is only 20 years old and is the second-youngest member of SuperM.

“no words will ever convey how proud i am of how far you’ve come and how much you’ve grown in these soon to be 2 years with you may it be nct u’s lucas, wayv’s lucas, or superm’s lucas, i will always be with you…,” one fan wrote on Twitter.

“HE DID THAT #SuperM_LUCAS,” wrote another.


Taemin showed up at the end of the trailer

So far, Taemin has appeared in every single teaser trailer for SuperM. As the senior artist in the group, fans theorize Taemin could be announced as the leader of SuperM. Incorporating the futuristic concept from the trailers, Taemin appears to play a vital role in recruiting the members.

“baekhyun was in the lab to be cloned, the other superm members are already cloned and sent to different fields such as movie theater, art gallery, office… taemin owes this idea, watches and checks their reactions and adaptation #SuperM_LUCAS,” one fan theorized.

“I’m convinced that SuperM’s concept is ‘futuristic cult’ and Taemin is the leader, no one can convince me otherwise,” a fan wrote on Twitter.

SM Entertainment calls SuperM the “Avengers of K-pop” because each member comes from an already established K-pop group. Another running theory is that Taemin is essentially the Nick Fury of SuperM. In the concept of the group, fans theorize Taemin is the member who recruits everyone else to join SuperM.

“okay but hear me out Taemin is showing up in all of the trailers and it looks like the boys are waking up in those places as if they had been brought there so maybe Taemin is like the Nick Fury of The Avengers he is recruiting them,” theorized a Twitter user.