SuperM Releases Debut Music Video for ‘Jopping’

After months of anticipation, SuperM’s debut is finally here. The group dropped their first album, SuperM – The 1st Mini Album, and a music video for their lead single, “Jopping.” SuperM goes on tour later in 2019 and the beginning of 2020. The group’s first concert is on Oct. 5.

SuperM Jopping
SuperM | Instagram

The music video shows SuperM joining together to perform

The music video for “Jopping” incorporates the superhero concept from SuperM’s teaser trailers. Kai teleports into the group formation and both Ten and Taemin put on holographic suits. The video features intense special effects.

Kai rides in a helicopter, Taemin rides a motorcycle, and Taeyong and Mark have a car chase. Lucas and Ten meet in the desert and ride in a tank. The group also comes together and walks into a large arena. In the arena, they perform “Jopping” for a large crowd.

The music video alternates between the members performing in the arena and navigating their way to the arena, whether it’s by helicopter, car, or motorcycle. The video showcases the group’s impressive dance skills.

The song also features Ten returning to rapping along with Taeyong, Lucas, Kai, and Mark. Kai was also the center in the dance formation at several parts of the video. Taemin and Baekhyun showed off their impressive vocals, with Baekhyun hitting an incredible high note towards the end of the song.

SuperM fans loved the music video for ‘Jopping’

When SuperM released the teaser trailer for “Jopping,” some fans were hesitant about the song. While fans were impressed with the grand scale of the video, the brief lyrics in the teaser drew criticism. However, SuperM fans seem to love the music video for “Jopping.” Already, the music video has over 4 million views on YouTube.

“‘so who’s the main dancer in superm’ sm: yes #SuperM_Jopping,” wrote a fan on Twitter.


Fans also appreciated how the music video showed the individual members’ talents.

“Taeyong really popped off to call us poor what a truly religious experience,” a fan tweeted.

“The return of rapper Ten #SuperM_Jopping,” wrote a fan on Twitter.

“I’m shaking this high note was really baekhyun,” one fan tweeted.

SuperM’s first concert is on Oct. 5

SuperM’s first concert is Oct. 5. The group will perform in Los Angeles at Capitol Records. The concert is a free event and tickets were claimed within minutes of announcing the concert. There will also be a pop-up event before the show that is free and open to the public.

For fans not able to attend the concert, it will be livestreamed on YouTube. Although resale tickets are available, SuperM encouraged fans not to buy tickets since the event is supposed to be free.

The group’s Twitter account wrote, “We’re so excited to see you at our first performance as SuperM in LA on Oct 5 7PM PDT! This is a free event and we hope you don’t pay for resale tickets! If you missed out on tix, don’t worry! We’ll be live streaming the event on YouTube so you’ll be able to join us!”