SuperM Releases Music Video Teaser for Their Lead Single ‘Jopping’

SuperM’s debut is just a few days away. The group’s album drops on Oct. 4 and their first concert is Oct. 5. SuperM recently announced their lead single is called “Jopping” and will feature a music video. The group then released a teaser trailer for the “Jopping” music video.

SuperM Jopping
SuperM | Instagram

The teaser trailer showed the grand scale of ‘Jopping’

Fans already knew the members of SuperM flew to Dubai to shoot the music video for their lead single. The teaser trailer for the “Jopping” music video showed just how grand the production is for the group’s debut song. The special effects and concept are next level.

Kai flies in a helicopter, Mark drives a car, Ten and Lucas meet in the middle of a desert. The group also meets in a giant arena, ready to perform. The list goes on of all the awesome things that happened in the 30-second trailer.

SuperM fans reacted to the ‘Jopping’ teaser trailer on Twitter

The teaser trailer for the “Jopping” music video was dramatic. So many things happened, SuperM fans are still processing everything. Fans noticed how extensive the production was for the video, and all of the members displayed stunning visuals and choreography.

“I don’t know what’s going on there but they said BUDGET,” one fan tweeted.

Another fan tweeted, “Taemin with his hair up and undercut And this outfit.. I hope this is his stage outfit too!”

“OH MY GOODNESS DID I SEE IT RIGHT???????!!!! PONYTAILED KIM KAI??!!!!??!!??!???!!???,” wrote a fan on Twitter.

“I see. Mark Lee’s driving without a licence again,” one Twitter user joked.

Some SuperM fans are hesitant about the lyrics for ‘Jopping’

The teaser trailer for “Jopping” showed Taemin singing at the end. Because of this, fans of the group got to hear a few seconds of SuperM’s debut single. After a first listen, some fans expressed their worry about the quality of the lyrics.


“I will support Taemin in SuperM no matter what, but I’m nervous about Jopping. I hope the lyrics are not too stupid tbh,” one fan tweeted.

“not @ them having to explain what jopping means IN the lyrics,” another fan tweeted.

SuperM’s first concert is Oct. 5

SuperM’s first concert is the day after they debut in Los Angeles. The concert is a free event and tickets were claimed within minutes of announcing the concert. Even though it is a free event, some people are attempting to sell their tickets.

SuperM tweeted at fans and encouraged them not to buy resale tickets because the event is free. The group also announced the concert will be livestreamed for fans unable to attend.

The group’s Twitter account wrote, “We’re so excited to see you at our first performance as SuperM in LA on Oct 5 7PM PDT! This is a free event and we hope you don’t pay for resale tickets! If you missed out on tix, don’t worry! We’ll be live streaming the event on YouTube so you’ll be able to join us!”