SuperM Releases Teaser Trailer and Concept Photos for Kai

SuperM Kai
Kai from SuperM | (Han Myung-Gu/WireImage)

SuperM’s first album comes out on Oct. 4, 2019. Leading up to the album’s release, the group releases teaser trailers and concept photos for the individual members. Kai is the sixth and second to last member to receive a teaser trailer. Before him, SuperM released trailers and concept photos of Taeyong, Baekhyun, Lucas, Mark, and Ten.

Kai’s superpower in the trailer is teleportation

All of the trailers for SuperM have similarities while taking on different plots. The members all have some sort of superpower, the trailer employs a dark and futuristic tone, and Taemin appears at some point. Kai’s trailer has all of these qualities.

The trailer opens with Kai dancing in an empty parking lot. His shirt is unbuttoned and behind him the lights in a nearby building flicker on and off. In the next scene, Kai is seen lying down in the parking lot. He wakes up and wanders around.

When he returns to the parking lot, it is lit with blue light and there are small fires scattered around him. Kai looks up and cars fall from the sky. Just before one lands on him, Kai teleports away. Taemin then appears at the end of the trailer and stares at the camera while he is surrounded by different machinery.

Fans loved SuperM’s teaser trailer for Kai

Fans were quick to pick up that teleportation is Kai’s super power in the SuperM concept.

“Kai: Teleportation (also called phase-jumping, the ability to move instantaneously from one location to another without physically occupying the space in between),” wrote a fan on Twitter.

The trailer was successful in making fans more excited for SuperM’s upcoming album. From Kai’s electric dance moves to the special effects, the trailer showed just how invested the members are in SuperM’s concept.

“From any solo teaser in exo, the pathcode teaser till this superm teaser, we all know Kai always successfully pulled off any concept he’s given to and KING ALWAYS SLAYS, NO ONE CAN DO IT LIKE HIM I SAID WHAT I SAID,” one fan tweeted.

“The M in superm stands for kai I don’t know how. It just does #SuperKAI_trailer,” another tweeted.

Taemin appeared in blue instead of green in Kai’s trailer

While Taemin appeared in Kai’s trailer like he did with the past members’ trailers, there was one major difference. The backdrop behind Taemin was blue instead of green. Because the teaser trailers for SuperM are so deliberate, there is no way this is a coincidence. Fans wonder if this means the connection between Kai and Taemin is different than Taemin’s connection with the other members.

“#KAI trailer is the only trailer in which #TAEMIN’s cameo is filled with the colour blue, other trailers feature Taemin in a green environment I think Kai is very important in #SuperM concept/theory,” a fan wrote on Twitter.

“After watching Kai’s teaser I have a theory. Taemin is controlling everyone and Kai is trying to save his friends, so he goes back in time to defeat Taemin and save everyone from destruction (hence the cars falling from the sky) ,” one fan theorized.