SuperM Releases the Long-Awaited Teaser Trailer for Taemin

SuperM Taemin trailer
Taemin | Han Myung-Gu/WireImage

Taemin’s teaser trailer for SuperM is finally here, and it did not disappoint. SuperM’s debut album drops on Oct. 4, 2019, and to promote the album the group releases teaser trailers for all the individual members. After appearing in each of the other members’ trailers, Taemin finally got a trailer of his own.

All of the SuperM members appear in Taemin’s trailer

In the previous SuperM trailers, all of the members exhibited some sort of superpower. The trailers always showed Taemin playing an instrumental role in helping the members use their powers. However, Taemin’s appearances were always only a few seconds long so fans never knew how much of a role he played.

In Taemin’s trailer, the other six SuperM members appear. Ten, Mark, and Taeyong each appear in the first half of the trailer. The second half of the trailer shows Baekhyun, Lucas, and Kai. At the very end of the trailer, a split screen shows the six members all at once.

Fans noticed that even though Taemin is one of the seven members of SuperM, he was not part of the final shot.

“The fact that Taemin isn’t with them in this.. He’s seriously really the one plotting whatever it is..,” a fan speculated on Twitter.

Taemin uses multiple superpowers in his trailer

Taemin appears to have multiple superpowers in his trailer. Towards the beginning of the trailer, Taemin walks up a set of stairs while six Taemin clones are scattered across the staircase. Taeyong’s trailer also featured clones, and the end of Lucas’ trailer showed three different versions of Lucas entering an elevator.

Some fans speculated each clone of Taemin represented one of the members of SuperM or their superpowers.

“I think Taemin combines strong parts of other SuperM members and creates special synergy. We can see 7 Taemin in one scene so it seems each ‘Taemin’ in this scene represents one of the members. At the same time other 6 members reflect Taemin himself…,” a fan tweeted.

Taemin used a second superpower at the end of the trailer. He rose up from sitting on a metal table and lifted himself into the air. While he still balanced on the table with one arm, the way he moved made it seem like he could fly.

The cloning and flying superpowers were only shown for a few seconds, but there was one superpower used by Taemin throughout the entirety of the trailer. In almost every scene, Taemin used reality manipulation to make the SuperM members use their powers.

Taemin manipulated all the SuperM members

Since the SuperM trailers premiered, fans suspected Taemin played a vital role in the members using their powers. Some fans suspected Taemin was a villain in the superpower concept, while others suspected Taemin was recruiting the heroes. Taemin’s trailer confirmed that Taemin was the one manipulating all of the members’ environments.

Ten’s trailer ended with him restoring a destroyed painting except for one dead flower that would not return. Taemin’s trailer revealed that it was Taemin preventing the flower from returning. In Kai’s trailer, cars fell from the sky and he teleported away. Taemin’s trailer showed that it was Taemin who made the cars fall.

Is Taemin a hero or a villain?

While the trailer confirmed Taemin did manipulate the members’ reality to have them use their powers, it did not confirm if Taemin was a villain or hero. Because Taemin did not appear in the split screen shot at the end, some fans suspect Taemin is a villain.

“I think in the group trailer coming in a few days, we’ll see all the trailers come together to make a little more sense. But I still stand with this theory. Taemin is the villain and the other members are trying to defeat him. Notice how he isn’t even in this collage at the end,” a fan wrote on Twitter.

In the thread, the fan also pointed out the different clues that hint Taemin is a villain. The scene of Taemin causing the cars to fall from the sky was actually first seen in Baekhyun’s trailer when Taemin danced at the top of the stairs. Taemin’s trailer revealed that scene was actually Taemin causing the cars to fall.

“Taemin manipulating Kai’s reality, causing him to see falling cars, a clear foreshadowing that he is coming for them,” the fan wrote.

The fan also noticed that at the beginning of the trailer, several people climb the red staircase. At first glance, one might assume the people are just Taemin’s clones. However, the fan believes the members of SuperM will confront Taemin in the next trailer.

“In the beginning of the trailer, notice how Taemin is sitting at the very top of the pyramid by himself while other people climb to the top. At first I thought it was Taemin, but it’s actually all the other members coming for him. Note the different shoes,” the fan tweeted.