SuperM Wants to Bring Something New to Music

SuperM released their first EP on Oct.4. Following the release of SuperM: The 1st Mini Album, SuperM performed their first concert in Los Angeles and participated in high-profile interviews. In the interviews, the group discussed their hope for SuperM and music as a whole.

SuperM music
SuperM | Rich Polk/Getty Images for Capitol Music Group

SuperM wanted to release music that suited the US market

The lead single for SuperM’s debut album is titled “Jopping.” The word “Jopping” is a combination of “jumping” and “popping.” It’s an upbeat track that incorporates multiple music genres. The music video for “Jopping” showcases impressive choreography, which some of the members of SuperM demonstrated on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

“Now that we’re entering the American market, we could have released a song that suits the American taste better, but that’s not what distinguishes us as a group,” said SuperM member Kai in an interview with Refinery29.

“We chose ‘Jopping’ because we wanted to show something that hasn’t been done in the States. Also, given that we’ve pulled together all these great members for this kind of performance, we saw a potential in this song to captivate the world and show our identity,” he said.

SuperM embraces their Asian identity with the album

While “Jopping” is the lead single, there are four other tracks on the EP. “I Can’t Stand the Rain” features all seven members while the members perform in different units for “Super Car,” “2 Fast,” and “No Manners.” Taemin is the only member to appear on all five songs.

“Super Car” is performed by Taemin, Baekhyun, Ten, Taeyong, and Mark. Taemin, Baekhyun, Mark, and Lucas perform “2 Fast.” “No Manners” is performed by Taemin, Taeyong, Kai, and Ten. Taeyong also has writing credits for the lyrics and music for “No Manners.”

Fans have noticed that the songs on the EP sound very similar to songs performed by the members’ original groups, SHINee, EXO, NCT, and WayV. Out of all the songs, “I Can’t Stand the Rain” has a very distinctive sound. The song incorporates traditional Korean drums and a haegeum melody.

“We’re from Asia. We wanted to emphasize the harmony between Western and Asian music. That’s why the drums and haegeum are on that Westernized beat,” said Baekhyun in the Refinery29 interview.

The group hopes their album shows the US the limitless potential of K-pop

While other groups have found success in the U.S., SuperM wants to leave their own mark on the music industry. With the formation of their group and the album, SuperM hopes to show the limitless possibility of K-pop.

“With ‘2 Fast’, the sudden change within the track is very K-pop because K-pop itself changes all the time. There’s no limitation and it takes on many different forms. This song is just another representation of that, and how we try to differentiate ourselves,” said Baekhyun.

SuperM hopes they can bring an understanding and appreciation of both K-pop and Korean culture to America.

“K-pop itself is not just a music genre, but a whole cultural phenomenon. It includes fashion, music, and so much more. When other people look at K-pop with a more traditional Western lens, or when people listen to it, it may sound like a combination of all different genres,” Taemin told Refinery29. “Although it might sound unfamiliar at first, I think it’s in the process of being blended into the mix of U.S. culture. Hopefully, SuperM can also make a contribution.”