‘Supernatural’: Here’s How Many Times Sam and Dean Have Died and Come Back

In the history of Supernatural fandom, there have been multiple occasions when tears were shed over the death of a character. Although in some cases the deaths have been temporary, that hasn’t made them any less shocking or painful. It’s easy to focus on Rowena, Ketch, and Mary Winchester’s recent endings, but Sam and Dean Winchester have had their own adventures in the afterlife.

Since we can only theorize where the brothers will wind up by the end of the series, why not take a look back at how many times they’ve died, when, and how? Prepare for this deathly jog down memory lane.

'Supernatural' stars Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki
‘Supernatural’ stars Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki | Phillip Chin/Getty Images for Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

Sam Winchester has died six times

The first time Sam met his demise was in season two during the “All the Hell Breaks Loose” episode when the half-demon Jake stabbed him the spine with his own knife. Remember that Jake was one of Azazel’s “special children” and opened the Devil’s Gate under the demon’s instruction, thus helping to kick off an apocalypse. Dean later made a deal with a demon to have Sam resurrected.

Season four had Sam die by lightning. Thanks to a cursed coin in “Wishful Thinking,” a desperate lover named Hope wishes that no one gets in between her and her man, Wes. As a result, Sam is struck by lightning and killed, but Wes gets the coin back and reverses all the bad wishes, thus undoing Sam’s death.

Sam couldn’t catch a break in season five when he and Dean traveled back in time to save their young parents. Anna the angel breaks out of angelic prison and is on a mission to make sure Sam is never born to become Lucifer’s vessel, but she goes back in time and finds adult Sam there. She stabs him with a pipe, killing him, but then the angel Michael comes on the scene, smites her, and brings him back.

Both brothers went down together in season five’s “Dark Side of the Moon” when hunters Roy and Walt wanted to take Sam out for starting the apocalypse. Walt shot Sam first, then Dean, and the Winchesters spent the better part of the episode hanging out in multiple heavens with Ash. God/Chuck resurrects them, and they’re brought back to Earth by Joshua.

This one may not count, but in season twelve, Billie makes a deal at Dean’s request to revive them after they die. This was because they were trapped by mercenaries working for the British Men of Letters under Mick’s command. She agreed and was ready to reap one brother permanently at midnight, but Castiel stabbed her with an angel blade to get her out of the way.

Who didn’t freak out when Sam was killed by vampires in season 13 when the brothers were in an alternate dimension? Dean was inconsolable, but fortunately Sam was brought back to life by that crazy Lucifer.

Dean Winchester has died hundreds of times thanks to a time loop

We’re only going to get into a few of his deaths since the time loop in season three was responsible for multiple Dean demises. All of those were due to the Trickster spirit in “Mystery Spot.”

Later on in season three, Dean was also killed by a Hellhound and then brought back by angels/God.

In season nine, fans were devastated when Metatron killed Dean by stabbing him with an angel blade. He then woke up as a demon.

Season 11 had Dean trying to contact the death reaper Billie to save Sam’s life (which wasn’t really in jeopardy) by overdosing on pills. He was resuscitated by a local doctor but not without having a conversation with Billie about the Winchesters’ multiple lives.

In the interest of moving some ghosts out of an abandoned building, Dean becomes one by killing himself in season 13’s “Advanced Thanatology.” Another encounter with Billie has Dean feeling defeated at life, but she sends him back to keep fighting another day.

Season 15 Winchester deaths

If you’ve been watching season 15, then you’ve seen the flash forwards with scenes of each Winchester brother dying at the hands of his sibling. In one of those instances, Sam is the vessel of Lucifer again (we think) and kills Dean, and in another, Dean bears the Mark of Cain and cuts down his brother.

It remains to be seen whether these deaths are part of Chuck’s greater story, if they’re figments of someone’s imagination, or are permanent. Supernatural returns in January 2020 from its winter break.