‘Supernatural’ Season 15, Episode 6 Recap: ‘Golden Time’

Last week’s episode of Supernatural left the boys reeling after Lilith appeared to do Chuck’s bidding and finessed his gun from their possession. She melted it down and took off, and not even Cass was around to help them. Going into this week, Dean has basically given up trying to fight and Sam is still searching for ways to get rid of Chuck/God. Here’s a rundown of episode seven, where Sam is still grieving his friend Rowena and Dean is extra nonchalant.

'Supernatural' cast
‘Supernatural’ cast Misha Collins, Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles | Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for The CW

Two cases open up

In the opening mystery scene, some witch loots Rowena’s apartment, looking for what we assume to be the book of the damned or some powerful spell. She shouldn’t have done it, because she fell victim to a curse and died.

At the bunker, Sam is looking for Lilith online, and Dean is chilling in pajamas, eating cereal. They talk about the visions and Chuck. Dean is over it.

Elsewhere, Cass stops at some small fish and tackle shop and chats up the manager, who tells him they pulled the body of a young boy out the lake. The kid was drained of his blood. It piques his interest.

Sam is out jogging and runs into the spirit of the dead hunter Eileen Leahy. She is worried about roaming free and turning into a poltergeist. She asks can they help her get into heaven, but Dean coldly tells her no because there’s no way to transfer souls from hell to heaven (per the experience with Kevin). He has a private conversation with Sam and suggests they put her in her own spirit crystal/box, but Sam says Rowena’s magic is hard. Dean reminds him he was basically Rowen’s protégé, and Sam agrees to look into it. Dean is not going along for the ride and is acting like he doesn’t care. He’d rather go on a milk run.  

Cass pursues a lead, Sam hunts for a spell

Cass poses as FBI and goes to speak to the sheriff about the dead boy and is sent to the lobby by the front desk. He sits down to wait and ends up learning another mom can’t find her young son who went camping. He wants to help her.

Sam and Eileen arrive at Rowena’s and find the dead witch. They’re being watched from a magical wall mirror by two witches from a van in the parking lot. They can see Sam inside the apartment.

Cass talks to the sheriff who makes fun of the mom, but admits that missing locals is a rarity. After initially refusing to hand over the dead boy’s files, he asks for Cass’s supervisor’s info, calls Dean at the bunker. Dean answers with a fake name and vouches for Cass but then gets on the phone with him to scold him about not taking calls. He warns him about Chuck.

Sam and Eileen find Rowena’s secret stash thanks to Eileen being able to walk through walks. The good witch kept journals of her spells! He finds one that can turn spirits into flesh, but it’s only half done. Sam thinks he can finish it.

Cass is going through files of dead boy and sees the results of his body being drained. He heads to the woods.

Both encounter more than they bargained for

Uh oh. Sam starts vomiting blood once he gets outside to the car. He tries to tell Eileen to go away as the two witches walk up to him. One blasts Eileen away. They learn the apartment is hexed but Sam is protected. The head witch wants to bring the dead witch (her daughter) back with Rowena’s spell. The other which seems demure and servant-like, and it turns out she is the witch’s other daughter, Emily. Boss witch makes a doll of Sam with his hair and gives him the option of dying slowly or quickly.

Cass is out in the lake area with a map, and finds out the mom followed him. She tells him the area is dangerous because of an old silver mine, and he wants to know where it is. They take off together.

Sam is forced to re-enter the apartment, escorted by Emily, the sad, resentful witch. He gets her to open up about her mean, dead sister, but she still tells him to pack up the goods in the apartment.

Cass and the mother trudge through the woods and he explains that monsters are real, just in case they don’t find her son. But they run into him, and he’s alive.

Everyone realizes they need to be in the game

Cut back to Sam who tries to convince Emily to run away from her cruel mom and soon-to-be resurrected sister, but she hesitates and stabs Sam’s doll, hurting him.

Caleb, the found son, saw a “man” dragging the dead boy’s body to the lake. The man then shows up. It’s the sheriff—who’s a monster—threatening to kill the three of them. Cass goes all Rambo on him, shaking off bullets and stabs him to death with an angel blade. Mom and son are cowering against a tree.

Eileen went for help and Dean shows up just in time to help Sam. He has a gun to the mama witch’s head, and there’s a standoff, but the dead ghost witch shows up. Eileen comes through and a spirit battle ensues.

Emily twists Sam’s doll to try to kill him, and Dean grabs the gun and shoots her with witch bullets. The mom witch is chanting at him with the aim of turning his heart to dust, but Sam jumps her and stuffs a hex bag in her mouth, uttering a spell. He had time to put one together when gathering Rowena’s things. Yes! At the same time, Eileen gets hemmed up by the dead witch in the apartment, but Dean saves her in the nick of time by burning the ghost’s body. Phew!

Back in the woods, Cass cleans up the sheriff’s body and tries to heal Caleb’s injured ankle. His angel powers are fizzing out, but he does it. Cass decides it’s time for him to “get back in the game.”

Back at the bunker, Sam attempts to do the spell for Eileen by having her sit in a bathtub and doing the chant. It works and she’s alive again. They are both emotional.

Sam reasons with Dean about not giving up, but Dean is worried they can’t distinguish between what’s God and what’s not in terms of what’s happening around them. Sam reminds him they’re “the guys who break the rules,” and they have to work together. They need each other.