‘Supernatural’ Season 15, Episode 7 Recap: Sam Almost Dies in ‘Last Call’

This week’s episode of Supernatural, “Last Call,” picks up with a living, breathing Eileen, and Dean in different spirits. It’s a change from the previous episode where Sam learned to tap into his witchy powers while handling the last case at Rowena’s. Dean doesn’t seem to be 100% a nonchalant Debbie Downer anymore and Cass is back in the game. Here’s a recap of the Dec. 5 episode.

Cast of 'Supernatural'
Cast of ‘Supernatural’ at The CW Upfront | Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for The CW

Dean rolls solo on a case

Trouble brews at a bar in Texas where two young ladies are in the parking lot. While one is upchucking off to the side, the other one disappears along with her car. We see she’s hooked to a blood-letting device and screams.

It’s a good thing Dean is scrolling the web for strange occurrences, because he stumbles on the case. He wants to work the job alone—so much so he turns down bacon that Sam and Eileen cooked. He lies to Sam and says he’s going on a drive and doesn’t want to disrupt whatever is going on between him and Eileen. Ha.

Dean arrives in the Texas town—as Agent Dukes—to investigate the missing girl, but the sheriff tells him he thinks she just left on her own. He also believes the friend lied about the girl’s disappearance for attention but mentions the bar to Dean. And he’s off.

Old friends resurface

At the bar, Dean’s greeted by a flirty bartender who is collecting phones. It turns out one of Dean’s old hunter friends owns the bar and they’re happy to see each other. His name is Leo (played by Christian Kane).

At the bunker, Sam and Eileen are bored with research, so they discuss doing something else. But then Cass shows up. They catch up, and he learns from Sam that Lilith has returned. Cass has been marinating on the Chuck problem, and shares he thinks a piece of Sam’s soul is in Chuck from when he shot him.

Elsewhere, Dean and his friend talk about John Winchester, hunting memories, and how Leo retired not long after he and Dean worked a case together. He’s been in the same town since. Is he a monster?

Meanwhile, Cass tries an experiment on Sam by zapping his wound with angel power, and Sam gets tossed across the room and knocked unconscious. Cass tries to call Dean but no dice because he doesn’t have his phone. Ugh.

Cass then reaches out to Sergei the warlock, who needs some convincing to step in to help with their divine problem. Cass’s threats are persuasive enough to get him to come.

Dean and Cass get bamboozled

Dean is having a good time catching up and finally mentions his case to his buddy, showing him the picture of the missing girl. At first, Leo says he doesn’t recognize her, but the flirty waitress walks up and says sure, that’s Angela. Leo tries to talk Dean into taking a break from the hunting life and chasing “missing persons.” This all feels suspicious. That lasts only a moment, as he gets Dean to climb on stage and sing a song with him. Ladies and gentlemen, it’s Jensen Ackles on the mic.

After they throw a guy out of the bar for getting handsy with a lady, Dean finds out it’s Sally Anderson, friend of the missing girl.

Cut to the Cass and Sergei arrives at the bunker, astounded he’s at the place where the Men of Letters gathered. He makes a remark about how many valuable relics are probably in there. He scans Sam with a crystal and it starts to glow, but the news is grim. He says Sam is dying.

In Texas, Sally tells Dean (Agent Dukes) the story about Angela and her car getting “raptured.” Leo interrupts the conversation and pulls Dean to the side, saying she’s unreliable. Dean says something feels off, so Leo offers to help him on the case after he closes the bar. Dean asks where’s a good place to check and Leo says the lake, which is obviously a false lead. The waitress overhears again and directs Dean to look into the scrapyard. Leo looks a little worried but Dean doesn’t catch it.

Sergei explains the wound Sam has goes down to his soul and “out into the world.” Sam’s soul is being stretched too far, and it can snap at any time if this goes on for too long.   

Dean’s scrapyard search turns up a body in the trunk of car, and Leo sneaks up on him from behind with a gun. He pistol-whips Dean saying, “You couldn’t leave well enough alone, could you?” Saw that coming.

In the bunker, Sergei applies some time of ointment on Sam’s wound, but it sends him into shock. Still unconscious, Sam is seeing visions, but Sergei purposely made the wound worse in order to blackmail Cass and Eileen. He wants the key of death, an object that can open any door. Cass is not here to play though; he flashes a photo of Sergei’s niece, telling him she’s being watched and you know…So Sergei fixes Sam. Sergei also compliments him on acting like a Russian gangster.

The villains get outsmarted

Dean, tied up, listens to Leo’s story. The hunt in Arizona messed him up, so he figured since he can’t beat ‘em, he’d have fun with the monsters. The creature he’s got caged up can grant money and health and long as it’s fed. Now Dean’s getting drained of his blood.

After Leo leaves, he breaks free but so does the bloodthirsty monster who is able to bust the metal door hinges. The screen goes blank.

The scene flashes to Leo who’s in the bar cleaning up when he hears noises coming from behind his private door. He pulls his gun and waits for the door to creak open. Out rolls the head of the monster.

Dean dives for cover and the two men start shooting at each other until both run out of bullets. They get into an argument about morals and standing up to fight but then get into a physical fight. Dean can’t walk away and let him live. It’s brutal, and Dean ends it by impaling him with a pool stick. Leo’s last words? “Why do you care so much?” to which Dean replies, “Because someone has to.” Then Leo says, “I’m glad it was you.”

Back home, Sam is conscious and tells Cass that he believes he saw some of Chuck/God’s memories and feels that he’s weak. The episode closes out with Sam saying he thinks they can beat him.