‘Supernatural’ Season 15: Fans Want to See These Old Characters Return

The team behind Supernatural has a way of paying fan service without it feeling gratuitous or patronizing, and it’s one of the many reasons that people love the show. Those of us who have been tuning in since day one realize that one of things the series is good for is bringing back old faces.

Straddling the border between the living and the dead is not an unknown concept for the series, therefore anyone can come back and anyone can die. But with Supernatural closing out its 15-season run, there is a laundry list of characters whose returns could be justified by necessity or wishful thinking.

Chuck started it and the door is open. Allow us to discuss who would be great candidates for a surprise comeback (besides John and Mary Winchester) and who fans would love to see back for a last call.

Misha Collins, Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki and Alexander Calvert
Misha Collins, Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki and Alexander Calvert of ‘Supernatural’ | Getty Images/Jon Kopaloff

Samuel Campbell (Mary’s father)

The sometimes hero, sometimes villain didn’t always give audiences the warm and fuzzies, and after the last time we saw him, he probably didn’t earn himself a place upstairs. If he gets zapped back to the present, he could help his grandsons in their fight to clean up Chuck’s mess.

Benny Lafitte

Dean’s vampire bro was quite the charmer and a formidable fighter who had his friends’ backs when things went left. Benny was capable of fighting his way through the craziness of Purgatory and would be an asset to the team after Chuck’s finger snap.


Oh, Crowley. The witty demon endeared himself to Supernatural fans in the years leading up to his exit, engaging in a bromance with Dean and eventually becoming a frenemy to Moose too.

After the character sacrificed himself, Deadline and other outlets reported that Mark Sheppard would not be returning to the role. But never say never. Fans love him.


Raise your hand if you’re still kind of sad that Dean didn’t get his happily ever after with Lisa and Ben. They were a good fit, but they were in constant danger due to Dean’s life, so he had Cas wipe her memory. But maybe by the end of the series, things will change.


Ash and his mullet will never be forgotten, nor will genius ability to float between everyone’s Heavens. He knows shortcuts in the celestial realms, Enochian, and is a hunter at heart. Though we haven’t seen him since season five, fans would welcome his presence with open beer cans.


Any of these angels would be fun to have on the scene again, even if they’re technically dead. But remember SPN family, Billie can go to the Void and chit chat with “dead” beings like angels, demons, and Nephilim. Ahem. It seems like the new Death can probably bring them back from there too.


One of my personal favorites is Death, of the original four horsemen. Where exactly did he go after Sam snuffed him out with his scythe? If it’s the Void/Empty, then perhaps the old angel can be resurrected too, courtesy of Billie.

Yellow Eyes

As you know, there are tens of thousands of monsters loose thanks to Chuck’s spitefulness. Yellow Eyes (a.k.a. Azazel), who has a long, sordid history with the Winchester family, could be one of those whose faces we see again. Depending on how twisted Chuck is with mind games, that is one character who could be used as tool against the brothers.   

Maggie and Don Stark

It wouldn’t hurt for the guys to have 800-year-old witches backing their efforts to save the world. Rowena is cool, but Charisma Carpenter and James Marsters could wind up aiding the cause in season 15 as the Starks, especially if the couple is getting along. Buffy and Supernatural fans would like that.

Big Daddy Vampire

Why not? Rick Worthy’s alpha vampire was intimidating and possessed a certain Old-World Shakespearean swagger that has rarely been seen on Supernatural. True, he’s probably holding a grudge against Sam for killing him with the Colt, but the show needs its share of antagonists this year.

In case you haven’t heard, season 15 will see the return of Adam (the Winchesters’ half-brother), Amara, and the hunter Eileen, TVLine reports. We don’t expect showrunners to cram every character from the past into this upcoming season, but be on the lookout for some pleasant surprises.