‘Supernatural’ Season 15 Mid-season Finale Recap: Adam Returns

The mid-season finale of Supernatural saw the return of Adam, the other brother. After last week’s episode, fans knew to expect that Chuck would be ramping up his diabolical scheme, and he is lining things up. Here’s a recap of “Our Father, Who Aren’t in Heaven.”

Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki of 'Supernatural'
Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki of ‘Supernatural’ | Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images

It’s a setup and everyone’s getting roped in

The introductory scene shows a casino. Chuck has obliterated the customers and staff, and bodies are sprawled all over the floor. After having the one living terrified waitress serve him a drink, he takes a sip and plays the slots.

Eileen is fighting off a werewolf alone when suddenly Sam shows up. She chides him for being overprotective, and after she makes the kill, they leave. The scene switches back to the bunker, and Dean is excited about trying to find a way to defeat God with the demon tablet.

He tells Sam and the crew that God wrote it before he took power, the spells in it must reveal an Achilles’ heel. Now they all believe the tablet will help them lock Chuck/God away since they can’t kill him. But they need someone to translate it.

Cass is knocking on Donatello’s door, who tries to hide; he’s not interested in helping. Cass takes him to the bunker so he can help decode the tablet. Donatello is not convinced it’s a good idea.

He’s worried that doing the translation will make him go coo-coo again, but realizes they need to defeat God. Donatello discovers notes written by Metatron, saying that the Almighty God has a secret fear that he only shares with his favorite. Cass names Michael as the favorite.

Plans are infiltrated

They question whether Michael would be willing to help, and how to track him down from the hell cage. Donatello yells at the brothers about their bad idea, but he’s suddenly possessed by Chuck who’s taunting them about speaking through prophets. He warns them he usually likes their “process” of going tit for tat, adding he can go all-powerful and go after Jody, Eileen, and everyone on their speed dial.

They assume he heard their plan and send Donnie home. Dean wants to go through with the plan, but Cass is against taking a trip to hell to talk to Michael. Sam and Dean go to start the ritual without him, and he comes in to help. Off they go while Eileen stays behind.

Now in hell, the trio bump into some demon guards and start fighting. Guess who breaks up the fight? ROWENA! Dressed like a queen, she tells them she took the throne of hell. They explain why they’re there, and she says Michael isn’t in the cage. She sends her minions to find him.

Back in the bunker, Eileen answers a call from a hunter, Sue. She asks for help cleaning up a vampire’s nest, and after glancing at the ritual fire, Eileen says if she’s free, she’ll come.

Rowena muses about being in hell and liking it. She senses tension between Cass and Dean and urges them to fix it, explaining how she regrets messing certain things up, like her relationship with Fergus. Then a demon walks in and says Michael isn’t there.

Adam returns

The camera cuts to Adam and Michael—with Adam as the vessel—sitting in a diner having a conversation about what to do next. No brothers, no dad, no family contact. Sam and Dean are back in the bunker with Donnie trying to track down Michael, not knowing he and Adam are the same person.  

Sam is talking about checking on Eileen, and Dean thinks it’s cute. He advises Sam that he once tried the family thing and it didn’t work, but with Eileen it’d be different since she understands the hunter’s life.

Cut back to Michael/Adam, and Lilith taps him on the shoulder. She says Chuck wants to see him, orders him to come with her. He’s suspicious about her and God and wonders why God sent a demon. She demands he comes with her, but he uses his angel zapper light to get rid of her and snaps the memories of the other patrons. Donnie had a vision of Michael during the zap, and calls Dean to pinpoint his location. He’s in Cairo.

Since they can’t get there quickly, Cass decides it’s better to bring Michael to them. He prays to Michael, saying they didn’t know each other well and their last meeting was unpleasant. He acknowledges Michael’s ordeal, and says much has changed in heaven and Earth, and God is not the same. He implores Michael to help them in their fight, with God as the common enemy. It works.

But Michael is no fan of Cass. “You called me an ass-butt and set me on fire. Then you sent me to hell.” It’s a trap though, and Cass lights up a circle of fire and Sam and Dean walk in with angel cuffs.

Michael tells them keeping them in captivity is stupid, and he reminds them he’s angry about them locking him in the cage with Lucifer and Adam, the brother he’s possessing. After that, he lets Adam take over.

There’s an awkward brotherly reunion

The boys are shocked that Adam’s able to freely move in his own body, and he explains he and Michael came to an agreement. Dean states he knows they bailed on him, and Adam says how about saying sorry.

Michael comes back through and says he doesn’t trust them even if they need his help, then Adam flips on. He needs a rest and to consult with Michael about the Winchesters’ request. In a weird sequence, Adam tells Michael that parents keep secrets, and Michael says but God wouldn’t do that to him, the favorite. Adam points out that God left him in a cage.

Elsewhere, Eileen gets another call from Sue about the vamps, and it’s obvious she’s in trouble. Eileen runs and gets Sam to help. They leave.

Cass speaks to Michael, telling him he was only a little part of God’s story, adding that Lucifer knew “God can’t be trusted. I guess he was the smart one.” Michael puts Cass in a chokehold, who uses his angel mind trick to show Michael all the things God has done. It freaks him out.

Dean and Cass chat about it, and Dean points out he was locked up for a long time. All of a sudden, the bunker starts to quake. They go and check on Michael, who is sad that God lied to him. He is questioning everything.

Chuck reveals himself

Things cut to Sam and Eileen who arrive at a parking garage and find an abandoned, open pickup truck. Sam feels something is off. Sue walks in and morphs into CHUCK!

Michael finally concedes and gives Dean and Cass the spell to work the demon tablet. They need special ingredients, and all are easily accessible except the nectar of a leviathan flower. That’s only found in Purgatory, and Michael snaps his fingers to open an interdimensional rift. He’s not going with them and asks to be uncuffed.

Dean asks to talk to Adam, and he apologizes to his brother, saying he didn’t deserve that happened to him. Adam tears up, “Since when do we get what we deserve?” Michael re-possesses Adam and walks out.