‘Supernatural’ Season 15 Premiere Recap: Jack’s Gone, But He’s Not

The final season of Supernatural has officially kicked off, and things picked up right where they left off: with Hell on Earth. Things get brutal with the combustible mixture of loose ghosts, zombies, and an overwhelmed set of brothers. Here’s a recap of tonight’s premiere.

Jared Padalecki in Supernatural
Jared Padalecki in Supernatural | Shane Harvey/The CW

Jack is dead, but his body is something else

After fighting off a zombie horde and holing up in a mausoleum, Sam, Dean, and Castiel encounter a demon who’s taken over Jack’s corpse. Belphegor is his name and he’s inside of Jack, whose eyes have been blighted from his death last season. To remedy that, he puts on a pair of sunglasses.

The demon works in Hell, likes his gig, and wants to help the brothers return the souls where they belong. He convinces them by doing a quick ritual with his hands, which only pops the spirits out of the bodies they’re possessing.

Now, the boys have to track the spirits down. Cue the scene with teen girls and one hellbent evil ghost.

Plans are made then changed

While driving back to the bunker, Dean and the guys plan to find a way to close the rift between Earth and Hell, but Balthagar suggests doing a ghost containment spell in the nearby town. And yeah, he knows how to do it. Meanwhile, the Lady in White and the clown are terrorizing locals who live close to the cemetery.

Cass is having a hard time coping with the loss of Jack, and can’t even look at Belphegor. They hatch a plan to round up the townfolk and send them to a high school for shelter. Cass and Sam canvas neighborhoods and find the bodies of the teen girls, and a mother and daughter who survived the crazy clown. But the clown sneaked up on Sam and cut him. Ah!

A conversation between Dean and Belphegor could be foreshadowing, because the demon compliments Dean on his torture skills. We learn that Hell opened up and so did the cage. You know that means: Michael and Adam are out.  

The scene flips to Sam’s wound. Cass heals the gash, but the shoulder wound from shooting Chuck won’t heal. Some flashbacks signal it could be tied to Sam’s time in Hell.

Magic saves the day

The Lady in White takes down the sheriff, which is both terrible and convenient, because Balthagar needs the heart for a spell. He and Dean prep for the salt + human heart ritual.

A bunch of ghosts form a gang and start fighting Cass and Sam while they’re protecting the mom and little girl. Dean makes Belphegor speed up the spell, because obviously, rock salt shots will only last so long.

The border is magically cast, but Sam and Cass are out of rock salt and have to run across the line to escape the ghosts. For some reason, the ghosts are chasing them on foot (which looks funny). They make it, but we wonder what Sam and Dean will tell the townspeople. It turns out they only have a couple of days to figure it out.

Sam and Dean talk about Chuck screwing them over, and Dean questions their lives as rats in a maze. Sam sees the bright side that they’ve helped people. He’s hoping that Chuck “bailed” for good to move on to another world—for now. He believes they’ll eventually be free of God if they stop this new apocalypse.

We know they’ve tagged Rowena in to help, but next week looks like there will still be bargaining and fighting to be done to corral two to three billion souls back into Hell.