‘Supernatural’ Season 15: Prepare For The Return of Adam, the Other Winchester Brother

Less than a month remains until season 15 of Supernatural premieres on the CW and according to the show’s leading men, fans are in for a satisfactory end. The Winchesters have taken us fans on a wonderful paranormal–and sometimes emotional–ride, but their brotherly bond underscores everything they do.

To understand Supernatural, you do need to understand a bit of their family history, and how another brother—no, not Cas or Jack—affects the overarching storyline of Hell, angels, and humans.

Do you remember Adam? If not, get ready for a brief refresher as it’s recently been revealed that the character is due to come back for the final season.

Jake Abel
Jake Abel | Getty Images/Jeff Vespa/WireImage

Who is Adam Winchester?

Ok, so technically, Adam’s last name isn’t Winchester, but he’s still the son of John Winchester (played by Jeffrey Morgan), Sam and Dean’s father. Adam Milligan is the product of John’s brief relationship with Kate Milligan, and he barely knew his father, whom he first met at age 12.

Father and son spent some time together off and on, but the relationship was not consistent. That caused Adam to be resentful.

If you remember back to those episodes, then you might recall that Adam had some of Dean’s snark and a bit of Sam’s nerdiness. He was a pre-med college kid but was also jaded because of his upbringing.

Dean met his biological match in terms of snippy quips and cynicism, but Adam also had a heck of a lot of abandonment issues. That made him vulnerable, cantankerous, and unpredictable.

How did Adam’s story play out in ‘Supernatural’?

Adam’s backstory was recounted to his half-brothers, Sam and Dean, when he first had a sit down with them in season five. He first appeared in season four, when he was murdered and turned into a meat-suit by a vengeful ghoul looking to get back at John.

Sam and Dean couldn’t save him in time, but Adam was later recruited in Heaven by the angels to be a vessel for Archangel Michael in their war against Lucifer.

By the time it was all said and done, season five saw both Adam and Sam fall into the pit with Lucifer, leaving them both trapped in Hell’s cage with him. Adam was actually trying to stop Sam from sacrificing himself, but they both were stuck. Remember that?

When Dean roped Death into helping him break his family out of the Hell cage, he was told he could only choose one brother. He didn’t want to leave one out, but he chose Sam, and Adam was left suffering at the hands of Lucifer.

Though he’s been mentioned here and there in past seasons, Adam has not figured into the rescue equation, even with Rowena’s handle on the Book of the Damned.

Many of us fans have wondered what became of Adam. Where is he? Well, we’ll soon find out.

Adam’s arc to be revisited in final season of ‘Supernatural’

TV Line confirmed that the loose ends connected to the third Winchester brother will finally be tied up. Jake Abel will be reprising his role as Adam Milligan/Winchester. It’s a necessary move, and given that Chuck released everything from Hell, it stands to reason that he had the power to unlock Lucifer’s cage.

But after spending years locked in there being tortured, we can only assume Adam’s temperament and human state of mind won’t be bubbly and chirpy.

Will he feel like teaming up with the Winchesters? Will he have his own agenda? Or will Adam turn out like Nick after Lucifer was purged from his body?

Fans are eager to see how the series wraps up and who will get to live in peace by the time Supernatural takes its final bow.