‘Supernatural’ Season 15: Here’s Why You’ll Be Seeing More of Kevin Tran

Fans received two surprises during last week’s episode of Supernatural when Ketch and undead Kevin Tran popped up to help out the Winchesters. While it can be said that the return of at least one of those characters was predicted, many are not sure what to make of the former prophet Kevin’s reappearance.

Not only was Kevin (and his mom) a fan favorite seasons ago, but his death was one of the hardest on Dean and Sam. His showing up was not by accident however, and we’ll be seeing him again before the show is over.

Osric Chau who plays Kevin Tran on 'Supernatural'
Osric Chau of ‘Supernatural’ | Getty Images/Gabe Ginsberg/FilmMagic

A ‘Supernatural’ boss gave a clue about Kevin

About a week before the premiere of Supernatural, Osric Chau was spotted on set, letting the cat out the bag that Kevin Tran would be in at least one episode. Since this is a show that loves to resurrect the dead, it wasn’t that much of a surprise. Now, we know that it was the original Kevin who came back for episode two.

We learned that Chuck sent him down below instead of Heaven, and by the end of this episode, Kevin decided to take his chances by going out into the world as a ghost and take his chances. What are those chances? Turning into a mad poltergeist—or worse.

But Supernatural showrunner Andrew Dabb told Entertainment Weekly that there is more to Kevin’s story, and it kind of has us worried:

“The last time we saw our Kevin, God was sending him to heaven. But as it turns out, God may not have been 100 percent honest about that. There’s a reason Kevin was in hell, and that will come out, to a degree at least, in the second episode.”

The clue is that it’s only coming out to a degree. What exactly happened to Kevin? How will his presence on Earth play out in terms of Chuck’s diabolical plan to mess with the Winchesters?

Why Kevin might be linked to trouble

All fans can do is speculate on how Kevin’s appearance will tie in with the rest of the story, but the other thing Dabb shared is that alternate universes are still at play. “We are not done with alternate universes. Alternate universes are alive and well in Supernatural in season 15.”

Could that spell a future interaction with regular Kevin and alternate Kevin? Both knew how to translate the angel and demon tablets and open dimensional rifts, so maybe Chuck plans to use him to create something new since Amara isn’t on board to help him.

Fans should also remember that before Chuck sent Kevin off, he was hanging out in the Veil for a while. Who knows what he was up to when he was stuck there?

Right before that moment when God waved him up to the afterlife, Kevin told Sam and Dean they could trust Chuck/God, but it never was explained why he really felt that way about him. Even the Winchesters were a little suspicious of Chuck’s motives. For all we know, Kevin could be a pawn—willingly or unwillingly.

What about Kevin’s mom?

The last time we saw Linda Tran was after she was reunited with Kevin’s ghost back in season nine. It was in an episode where she was rescued from demon captivity by the Winchesters, and they broke the news that her son was dead, and his ghost helped with the rescue.

At that time, she carried the ring Kevin was attached to and took him home with her. Kevin showed up in season 11, but what became of Linda while he was in the Veil? Did something bad happen? We hope the “reason Kevin was sent to Hell” doesn’t have anything to do with his mother, but just know episode two isn’t the last we’ve seen of our Kevin.