Everything the Cast of ‘Superstore’ Revealed About Season 5 At Comic-Con

The cast of Superstore attended San Diego Comic-Con in July 2019 to talk about how the show has evolved over time, as well as the upcoming fifth season, which begins on Sept. 26. Here’s what they had to say.

A shocking pregnancy?

One of the producers commented, “We’re running out of people to get pregnant,” referring to Cheyenne, Amy, and Dina’s pregnancies. They joked that Garrett could be next. “You’re talking about Garrett getting pregnant?” Dunn asked, seemingly coming out of a stupor. “Season 5,” laughed Nico Santos (Mateo).

Dina’s revenge continues

Did Dina get all of her anger out of the way after burning Garrett’s shoes in retaliation for releasing her pet birds? “I don’t think she would necessarily forgive him very easily,” said Lauren Ash of her character. “I mean, it was her entire life that has now literally flown the coop. So I think that obviously there’s a lot of rage. How hot she is in Season 5? We’ll figure that out.”

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Colton Dunn, who plays Garrett feels that everyone’s anger toward his character is justified, but that we could see more of their sexual chemistry in Season 5. “The thing is that their relationship has always been contentious. [But] I feel like love can defeat everything. So I don’t think that spark is gone.” 

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Maybe Dina will get to move on though. One fan question the moderator read was, “Can we get Dina a spicy-a** love interest in Season 5?” Ash was all for it. “Yes. Yeah, guys, listen, I talk about this all the time.” She continued “I’m ready! And listen, Supernatural is ending — those guys need work,” she said, referring to the stars of the long-running CW drama.   

Will Mateo be in Season 5?

After his deportation storyline, the question remained: Will Mateo come back to the store? “I’m here, so that’s a good sign,” said Santos of being at Comic-Con. The producers agreed. “Mateo is still on the show. 

“The last few seasons, we’ve been exploring life as an undocumented person,” they elaborated. “We’ll be exploring what it’s like going through the deportation process. The reality of it is, it doesn’t happen right away. There’s a lot of uncertainty, and you’re living with this and trying to go about your daily life.”

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“It could drag out approximately three to four seasons,” said Ferrera. “Thankfully, I can pull off orange,” joked Santos. 

Cheyenne might get a party

The always-entertaining Cheyenne has “tried out a lot of different career paths,” said Nichole Bloom, noting how her character is artistic and “likes to work with her hands.” But she still hasn’t managed to find what she’s really good at, so maybe that could be her Season 5 trajectory.

Bloom may have then leaked a spoiler. “I do hear that I’m going to have a big birthday party this season,” she said. However, none of the other cast members knew about this, and the producers weren’t able to confirm or deny it. “She will continue to age this season,” they said. 

Sandra and Jerry may face more struggles

Kaliko Kauahi, who plays Sandra Kaluiokalani, has been a recurring cast member up until this point. But she was at Comic-Con to mark her first season as a series regular for Season 5.

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At the end of Season 4, Sandra “finds her voice” and becomes the union representative for the store, which is what ultimately leads to Mateo’s pending deportation. However, Kauahi has faith that Sandra will be there for her co-worker, saying, “I’m sure she’s going to be part of the team that helps get our boy Mateo back.” 

Of course, there’s Carol, the ex-girlfriend of Sandra’s new fiance, Jerry, to worry about. Despite Sandra getting Jerry in the end, “you can’t keep Carol down. She is a formidable nemesis. She’s the nemesis I deserve.” said Kauahi. So don’t expect that rivalry to disappear in Season 5.

What about a musical episode?

(l-r) Kaliko Kauahi, Ben Feldman, Colton Dunn, America Ferrera, Nichole Bloom, Lauren Ash, Nico Santos, Mark McKinney at the Superstore activation at Hard Rock Hotel, San Diego, Calif. on July 18, 2019.
(l-r) Kaliko Kauahi, Ben Feldman, Colton Dunn, America Ferrera, Nichole Bloom, Lauren Ash, Nico Santos, Mark McKinney at the Superstore activation at Hard Rock Hotel, San Diego, Calif. on July 18, 2019. | Todd Williamson/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Some of our favorite comedies and dramas have done musical episodes — so why not Superstore? “Since Season 1, we’ve asked for this,” said Ash. “Since filming the pilot,” corrected Spitzer. “And remember, I said ‘Season 4,’ not believing [that the show would still be on then].” So it sounds like that’s definitely on the table.

Though not everyone is musically talented, it sounds like they all enjoy singing recreationally. “We sing so much between takes that it feels like it would be a disservice not to share it with people,” said Ash. “Why don’t we just piece together all the blooper reels?” joked Santos.

Continuing social issues

What about Marcus (recurring actor Jon Barinholtz) and his homeless situation? There will be a lot of Marcus,” said the producers. “We are following up on his homeless situation. We don’t want to reveal exactly how. But yes, that is something we’re touching on this season.”   

And the unionizing plot, of course, will keep going. “We’ll see the employees continue that push. And we’ll see how Amy also deals with that, being very sympathetic but also being management now. It’ll create some conflicts for her,” they said.

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