Surprising Facts About ‘The Walking Dead’

Full of great characters, flesh-craving zombies, and tales of fighting for survival, it’s no surprise that AMC’s The Walking Dead has developed a huge cult following. But even with the crazy plot twists and edge of your seat excitement, there are still some things many fans may not know about this guilty pleasure. Here are five surprising facts about The Walking Dead.

1. Many of the actors hail from abroad

The Walking Dead cast
Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

The show may take place on American soil, but many of the actors are from overseas. Andrew Lincoln (Rick) and Lauren Cohan (Maggie) are both natives of the UK. Steven Yuen (Glen) was born in Seoul, South Korea and was raised in the U.S. Finally, Danai Gurira, who plays Michonne, was born in the U.S. but was raised in Zimbabwe.

 2. The “walkers” go to school

Greg Nicotero
Roberto Gonzales/Universal Orlando via Getty Images

If you think all those extras are a little too good at playing zombies, it’s because they went to “school” for it. All the actors who are cast to play “walkers” are required to go to zombie school where they learn how to be the perfect “walker.” The actors then get graded on looks and performance before getting the green light to be on screen.

3. AMC paid homage to Breaking Bad with blue meth in Season 1

Breaking Bad, Blue Sky, meth
Breaking Bad | AMC

If you happened to notice that Merle’s bag of drugs contained some blue meth, you weren’t imagining things. In season 1, AMC gave a nod to another popular show on their network, Breaking Bad, by having Daryl hold up a bag of his brother’s drug stash full of Walter White’s “Blue Sky.” In addition, AMC used the the same Dodge Challenger that Glen stole in season 1 on Breaking Bad season 4 as the car that Walker purchased for Walt Jr.

4. The show is based on a graphic novel, but doesn’t hold true to it

Carl - The Walking Dead - graphic novel
Carl in The Walking Dead graphic novel. | Image Comics

The series The Walking Dead is based on the graphic novel by Robert Kirkman (who is also a producer of show.) But although many of the characters’ names and settings are the same, some of the plot points on the show are different — especially when it comes to how and when people die. There are also several characters on the TV series that do not exist in the comic book, including fan-favorite Daryl Dixon.

5. The word “zombie” is never mentioned once

Kevin Winter/Getty Images
Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Even though the show is about zombies, the word “zombie” is never mentioned once. Instead, the undead are referred to as “walkers.” The show’s creators have said they shy away from using the word zombie to create a world within the series where characters are thrown into a situation they are not familiar with. Since they have never seen or heard of zombies before, they would naturally call them something else. In addition, the show has never addressed the cause of the “zombie virus” outbreak and doesn’t plan to.

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