Surprising Secrets We Never Knew About JFK and Jackie Kennedy Until Now

During their reign in popular culture, John F. Kennedy and Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis represented change and hope for America. Sadly, the promise for a better tomorrow disappeared in 1963, when the president was assassinated in Dallas.

Mrs. Kennedy lived until 1994 but remained distant from the public. However, after her death, more details about their life together emerged. JFK and Jackie took these secrets to their graves, including one strange obsession JFK harbored for his entire life (page 10).

1. Jack’s secret first wife

Senator John F Kennedy and Jacqueline

John F. Kennedy and Jacqueline leaving for the Democratic Party Convention |Keystone/Getty Images

Over 50 years after his death, reports suggest JFK was married before Jackie. Sources say, in 1947, a drunk JFK married socialite Durie Malcolm with the aid of a justice of the peace. Kenndy’s father, Joe Kennedy, had a virtual ‘hemorrhage’ after learning of the secret nuptials. Grooming his son for the presidency, Joe hid records of the marriage. No evidence of a divorce exists, which could mean JFK was technically a bigamist.

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