‘Survivor 39’ Dean Kowalski Searched for His ‘Prized’ Shoes in Deleted Scene

Survivor 39 contestants Dean Kowalski and Noura Salman’s problems with each other stem back to their days on the New Lairo tribe when he blindsided alliance member Kellee Kim.

She attempted to work with him again, but he threw her under the bus to try and further his game. Therefore, Salman announced she was done with the tech salesperson and hid his shoes to end her night “on a high note.”

Dean Kowalski
Dean Kowalski and Janet Carbin | CBS

While Kowalski did get his sneakers back, it’s unclear when and how. However, a deleted scene captured his initial response and showed him searching for the shoes around the shelter.

‘Survivor 39’ Dean Kowalski threw Noura Salman under the bus

In Survivor: Island of the Idols Episode 12, Noura Salman agreed to flip and join Dean Kowalski, Elaine Stott, and Karishma Patel after her alliance did not choose her for loved ones’ reward.

Therefore, they decided to go after Lauren Beck because they perceived her as the strategic mastermind behind Tommy Sheehan, Dan Spilo, and Janet Carbin.

However, Beck won the immunity challenge, so the target shifted to her “right-hand man,” Sheehan. Even though the plan seemed simple, Salman couldn’t grasp it and kept overthinking everything, causing Kowalski not to trust her.

Therefore, in Tribal Council, the tech salesman leaned over to Sheehan and informed him that he would receive three votes that night. After the word got back to Salman, she told everyone the initial plan involved them targeting Sheehan but tried to pin the decision on Kowalski.

The fourth-grade teacher believed Kowalski over her, putting Salman on the outs, even though they ended up eliminating Karishma Patel. Once the castaways got back to the island after Tribal Council, Salman made it clear she was done with Kowalski.

Noura Salman hid Dean Kowalski’s shoes to get back at him

Salman explained that Kowalski ruined her game so she would ruin his night by hiding his “prized” Nike high-tops. There are clothes from the “lost souls,” or contestants who were already voted off the island, hanging by the Lumuwaku sign.

Salman put Kowalski’s shoes at the very top, a place he can’t reach as she’s several inches taller than him. In the show, viewers see Salman hide his shoes and her reasoning behind it, but never saw Kowalski finding them.

Dean Kowalski searched for his shoes in deleted ‘Survivor 39’ scene

The scene begins right after Tribal Council with Kowalski asking Salman if Carbin was behind her. She replied that she will never talk to him again and called him “disturbing.”

Kowalski responded with a simple “okay” and advised her to “exit the conversation.” Once Salman left, she took saw Kowalski’s sneakers by his chair, took them, and hid them at the top of the sign.

While everyone sat around the campfire, Kowalski noticed his shoes were missing and immediately thought Salman threw them in the ocean. In his confessional, the tech salesman said he thought it was ridiculous that a 36-year-old woman would ruin his personal belongings over a game.

Even though the deleted scene shows him searching around the shelter for his shoes, it isn’t clear how he found his prized possessions or who helped him retrieve them. Watch the Survivor: Island of the Idols Season Finale December 18, 2019, at 8 p.m. EST on CBS.