‘Survivor 39’ Episode 11 Castaway Learns a Secret About Aaron Meredith and Receives Surprise Visit From Brother

On Survivor 39: Island of the Idols Episode 11, a visit to the Island of the Idols and a successful hidden immunity idol play by an unexpecting contestant sent this physical threat to the jury. In Ponderosa, they learned a secret about Aaron Meredith and received a surprise visit.


Elizabeth Beisel
Elaine Stott, Dan Spilo, Tommy Sheehan and Elizabeth Beisel | Robert Voets

Elizabeth Beisel became the sixth member of the ‘Survivor 39’ jury

After a visit to the Island of the Idols, Lauren Beck successfully convinced everyone except for Karishma Patel and the two “horses” she bet on, Elizabeth Beisel and Noura Salman, to eat breakfast rather than compete in the immunity challenge.

Salman won, and Beisel, a huge physical threat without immunity or an alliance for protection, was at risk. Lucky for the Olympic swimmer, the tribe seemed to agree on eliminating Patel from the competition unanimously.

All of the competitors, except for Dan Spilo and Patel, voted for the personal injury lawyer. However, she had a hidden immunity idol in her “trusty little armpit,” and Spilo and Patel voted for different people, forcing a tie.

In the re-vote, Beisel was overwhelming voted off the island. While the Olympic swimmer didn’t want her Survivor journey to end, she said she’s glad she made new friendships that will last forever.

Being an athlete, Beisel expected to nail the challenges because she knows how far to push her body and “thought” she could perform under pressure. However, she “made a million-dollar mistake” by not winning the last immunity challenge.

Elizabeth Beisel learned a secret about Aaron Meredith

The Olympic swimmer lost 11 pounds while on Survivor and said she was “excited to eat all the foods,” even though she became comfortable with only eating rice and coconuts.

Aaron Meredith, one of her close alliance members, welcomed her to Ponderosa first with a long hug. Then, she met Jack Nichting for the first time and reconnected with Kellee Kim, Jamal Shipman, and Missy Byrd.

While Beisel looked at herself in the mirror for the first time in 30 days, Byrd broke the news that Meredith is more than a personal trainer and actually owns three gyms

Elizabeth Beisel’s brother visited her in Ponderosa

Even though the Olympic swimmer left the island before the loved ones visit, her brother surprised her in Ponderosa. They embraced for a while, and Beisel almost immediately started crying.

In a confessional, she explained her brother meant so much to her because he had always been supportive of her swimming career. Beisel said she felt like seeing her brother “closed a chapter” on her Survivor game, and his presence reminded her that “his love, support, and appreciation means everything.”

How Elizabeth Beisel plans on spending her time in Ponderosa

When Beisel first came to Ponderosa, Meredith and Byrd felt like “she was so much herself they doubted it was her.” Even though Nichting and Beisel never met in the game, the two clicked as they realized they have similar personalities. Kim said she always knew the Olympic swimmer was a considerable threat because “you’re drawn to her,” and everyone wants to be friends with her.

While Beisel spends another week in Ponderosa, she wants to “take advantage” of the time they have without technology to build genuine connections with the other jury members. The Olympic swimmer explained she is fulfilled with personal relationships, not materialistic things or money.

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