‘Survivor 39’ Noura Salman Explained Why the Rainy Days Don’t Bother Her in Deleted Scene

Almost right after the merge, Survivor 39 Noura Salman won individual immunity in the We Will Go Round challenge and could have earned peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for her tribe had she remembered to continue competing.

Then, she won the immunity necklace, and an idol for Lauren Beck, during the Crocodile Rock challenge, for the second time, becoming the only woman of the season to do so. However, her tribemates believe she’s a “fruit loop” and a “wildcard,” something that has gotten her this far and could carry her into the Final Tribal Council.

Noura Salman
Noura Salman | CBS

The long rainy days the contestants have to endure while competing on Survivor depresses the castaways and has caused some to quit. In a deleted scene, Salman explained why the rain doesn’t bother her.

Noura Salman on ‘Survivor 39’

Originally placed on the Vokai tribe, viewers didn’t see Noura Salman as much as her tribe won several times. Once the swap happened and she ended up on the same tribe as Karishma Patel, viewers saw Salman’s annoyance with Patel as the personal injury lawyer didn’t do much around camp.

The entrepreneur then went to the Island of the Idols on Episode 4 and miserably failed her challenge to convince the tribemates to make her caller.

Even so, she made the merge and ended up in the only alliance left in the game consisting of Lauren Beck, Tommy Sheehan, Janet Carbin, and formerly Dan Spilo.

However, after the former four enjoyed a reward picnic with their loved ones, and didn’t choose her, she began to question her place in the alliance. Therefore, she considered flipping on them with the others left on the island: Dean Kowalski, Karishma Patel, and Elaine Stott.

The plan to take out Sheehan seemingly was solid until Kowalski spilled the beans at Tribal Council, painting Salman as public enemy number one. However, they spared her from elimination, even though Sheehan was still upset with her, and Salman vowed never to trust Kowalski again.

She also hid his favorite Nike high-top sneakers to get back at him. Nonetheless, Salman has made the top five and can very well make it to the Final Tribal Council, especially with Spilo’s removal moving her up at least one spot.

‘Survivor 39’ Noura Salman explained why the rain doesn’t bother her

After Salman saw her sister during the loved one’s challenge, she was reminded that she’s “Nouramal,” not “crazy,” as everyone else calls her. In a deleted scene, Kowalski, Beck, Sheehan, and Stott were cuddled under the shelter during a rainstorm, complaining, while Salman was up and cutting coconuts.

In a confessional, she said the rain doesn’t bother her because she knows it’s “temporary.” Salman believes “the game is getting to people” because they think the rain will never end. However, the entrepreneur says she’s “grateful” to be there, “rain and all,” because she knows she’s going to the end, and she’s “doing it in her own crazy way.”

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