‘Survivor 40’: Why the Alliance Between Kim Spradlin-Wolfe and Sophie Clarke Didn’t Happen

When many viewers found out that challenge beasts Kim Spradlin-Wolfe and Sophie Clarke were competing on the same tribe on Survivor 40: Winners at War, they shipped an alliance between the two. However, they were never able to work together within the game. At Ponderosa, they reflected on their time on Dakal and why they didn’t align after Kim shared her idol with Sophie.

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Sophie Georgina Clarke and Kim Spradlin-Wolfe | Robert Voets

Kim Spradlin-Wolfe and Sophie Clarke returned for ‘Survivor 40: Winners at War’

In 2011, both Sophie Clarke and Kim Spradlin-Wolfe earned the title of Sole Survivor and then returned nearly 10 years later for Winners at War. Initially cast on the same tribe, the two didn’t work together as Sophie considered her part of a “cool kids alliance” with Tyson Apostol and Amber Mariano.

Additionally, the South Pacific champ voted for the One World winner at their first Tribal Council. The two were separated in a tribe swap as Kim stayed on Dakal in the majority alongside Tony Vlachos and Sandra Diaz-Twine.

However, Sophie ended up in the minority with Sarah Lacina against former Sele tribemates Adam Klein, Rob Mariano, and Ben Driebergen. Nonetheless, they survived their first Tribal Council and skated to the merge without having to vote out another player, mostly due to Sophie’s physicality in challenges.

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At the merge, Kim was in the minority while Sophie enjoyed a position in the majority alliance. After the South Pacific champ orchestrated the first vote and eliminated Kim’s closest ally, Tony blindsided Sophie due to her close relationship with his number one partner, Sarah.

Later, Kim attempted to go after Tony as she noticed he was in control of the game, but the scheming resulted in her elimination. Neither ladies won the final battle-back challenge and joined the jury where they cast their votes for Tony, who orchestrated both of their blindsides.

Kim Spradlin-Wolfe shared her idol with Sophie Clarke

When everyone strategized for their first Tribal Council, Kim became paranoid as she felt her tribemates were leaving her out of conversations. After surviving the first elimination, she found a hidden immunity idol the following day.

However, the bridal shop owner had to give half of the idol away before it had any power. In a confessional, Kim explained she always thought she and Sophie “would work well together” and pegged Sophie as having a “good spot” in the tribe.

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Therefore, the One World champ chose to share her idol with the healthcare consultant. In Sophie’s confessional, she believed Kim made a mistake by telling her about her advantage because they haven’t worked together before.

Before the tribe swap occurred, Sophie gave the other half back before finding an idol of her own on the Yara tribe. Mainly due to the early alliances in the game, Sophie and Kim were never able to work together.

Why the alliance between Kim Spradlin-Wolfe and Sophie Clarke didn’t work out

After their eliminations, the two began to talk more at the Edge of Extinction and continued bonding at Ponderosa. In a clip, Kim described Sophie as a friend “I didn’t know I needed” and explained how different the South Pacific champ is from anyone else she has in her life.

Therefore, she believes the two will be “close for a long time.” Sophie echoed Kim’s sentiments and reflected on their time together in the game. She admitted she wished she was a “more trusting individual” and felt like they would work well together but “couldn’t go all in.”

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In a Tribal Council, the castaways expressed how competing in Survivor weaken their trust in others. Therefore, Sophie had difficulty committing to an alliance with Kim within the game as she didn’t know if the One World winner was using her for her own agenda. However, the two seem to have found a genuine friendship outside of the game.