‘Survivor 40’: Players on the Edge Comforted a ‘Disappointed’ Sophie Clarke in Bonus Scene

Nearly 10 years ago, then 21-year-old recent college graduate Sophie Clarke won Survivor 23: South Pacific over returning player Coach Benjamin Wade, who many predicted would take home the title. Determined to prove why she won her first season, Sophie returned for Survivor 40: Winners at War with a chip on her shoulder.

With her impeccable under-the-radar gameplay and impressive performances in team challenges, Sophie did just that. While she feels like she proved herself, the South Pacific champ arrived at the Edge of Extinction devastated. The other players on the Edge comforted her the following morning as she tried to process her “disappointment.”

Survivor Sophie Clarke
Sophie Clarke | CBS

Sophie Clarke eliminated in ‘Survivor 40: Winners at War’ Episode 11

Initially placed on the dominating Dakal tribe, Sophie Clarke quickly aligned with Yul Kwon, who wanted to create an alliance with the unconnected players.

When the tribes swapped, Sophie joined the expansion tribe Yara in the minority alongside Sarah Lacina with former Sele tribemates, Boston Rob Mariano, Adam Klein, and Ben Driebergen.

The South Pacific champ found her first hidden immunity idol and shared the other half with Sarah. Annoyed with the Robfather’s domineering gameplay, Adam and Ben joined the girls to send the five-time player to the Edge of Extinction.

The tribe then went to the merge without seeing another Tribal Council, mostly thanks to Sophie’s physical prowess in challenges. At the merge, she stayed aligned with Ben and Sarah as well as Tony Vlachos by extension.

The South Pacific champ then engineered the elimination of Wendell Holland, who she pegged as someone too close to Jeremy Collins. She remained in the majority for the next two votes, but then Tony blindsided her with an idol in her pocket as he felt she became too close to his right-hand woman, Sarah. 

Sophie Clarke comforted by players on the Edge in bonus scene

On the morning after Sophie’s unexpected elimination, she sat on the beach and silently cried. Tyson Apostol hugged her and said he knows how she feels because he’s been eliminated four times.

Through her sobs, the South Pacific winner explained she believes she’s crying because of how tired she feels. Yul approached his upset ally and revealed he also cried when he arrived at the Edge of Extinction, providing Sophie with relief.

The Cook Islands champ encouraged the 30-year-old to “let it out” as “it’s a release of all the pain building up inside you.” Eventually, all the other castaways came over to the most recent vote-off and wrapped their arms around her.

In a confessional, Sophie admitted she wanted to “conquer” her feelings of disappointment while on the Edge. As she explained directly following her elimination, the South Pacific champ felt like she was “playing with legends” and didn’t think she “fit” in with them.

However, she feels like she proved herself and plans on using her time on the Edge to process her “sadness and disappointment” before moving on to “pride.” Survivor 40: Winners at War airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. EST on CBS.