‘Survivor 40’: Tyson Apostol Ruined a Possible All-Girls Alliance to Get Kim Spradlin-Wolfe on His Side

In Survivor 40: Winners at War, Kim Spradlin-Wolfe trusted Sophie Clarke with the other half of her hidden immunity idol and shared a couple of emotional moments with Sarah Lacina in bonus scenes. The three could have taken over the game with an all-girls’ alliance, but Tyson Apostol turned them against each other.

Survivor Kim Spradlin Sarah Lacina
Kim Spradlin and Sarah Lacina | Robert Voets

Kim Spradlin-Wolfe wanted to work with Sophie Clarke and Sarah Lacina

In a deep dive with Rob Cesternino of Rob Has a Podcast, Kim Spradlin-Wolfe explained she genuinely wanted to work with Sophie Clarke because they had a “great connection and bond,” which is why she trusted her with half the idol.

However, the South Pacific champ admittedly couldn’t commit at the time because she didn’t want to be fooled by Kim’s southern charm. Additionally, Sophie thought she had a better chance with Sarah Lacina.

Therefore, the healthcare consultant informed Yul Kwon about Kim’s idol, and eventually, it spread to everyone, except for Denise Stapley, when it came time to merge.

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The interior designer also developed a close relationship with Sarah as she found the Iowa-based police officer “hilarious,” and the two genuinely connected.

In an emotional bonus scene from their early days on Dakal, Kim confided in Sarah about missing her family and cried on the cop’s shoulder. The 37-year-old credits that moment as a “turning point” in the game for her because she finally let it go.

At the merge, Kim wanted to go “all in” on Sophie and Sarah, but Tyson Apostol and Jeremy Collins wanted her to work with them because they didn’t want to eliminate Wendell Holland.

Tyson Apostol ruined the possible girls’ alliance

Before the following Tribal Council, when Adam Klein was voted out, Tyson and Jeremy were on board to eliminate Sarah. However, Kim steered the vote away because she wanted to continue working with her.

The Iowa-based police officer found out and was “out for blood.” Therefore, Kim advised Tyson to fix the situation with Sarah. He woke her up in the middle of the night and claimed the Edge of Extinction castaways believed Kim would win the game as a way to split the One World champ from Sarah and Sophie.

According to the interior designer, she was playing with Tyson and Jeremy as well as Sarah and Sophie and not willing to commit. Therefore, Tyson started the rumor to divide the girls.

His plan worked because Sarah colluded with Sophie to eliminate Kim because they thought the One World champ was working with the guys. Tyson and Jeremy later approached Kim and informed her that the girls were trying to vote her out with an idol in her pocket, which is why the Texas-native declared she was “done” and going to play her advantage that night.

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Jeremy, the intended target, left, and Kim didn’t think they would vote for Tyson because they both told everyone he had an idol from the Edge. Therefore, she played her idol on Denise, hoping to force a tie so they could eliminate Sophie.

Tyson still received the majority of votes, sending him to the Edge a second time. After his elimination, the girls reconciled as they realized the Blood vs. Water champ pitted them against each other and were ready to take over the game.

However, Tony blindsided Sophie at the following Tribal Council as he questioned the South Pacific champ’s loyalty.

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