‘Survivor 40: Winners at War’ Episode 3: Fans Mourn Over Shocking Blindside While Applauding Those Who Orchestrated It

On Survivor 40: Winners at War Episode 3, Michele Fitzgerald proved that she belongs on the cast with her “brilliant move” to blindside a fan-favorite. Fans mourned over the elimination but had to congratulate Michele for “outplaying” Survivor legends.

*SPOILER ALERT* This article reveals information from Episode 3, including the eliminated contestant.

Survivor 40 Michele Fitzgerald
Parvati Shallow, Danni Boatwright, Ben Driebergen, Adam Klein, Michele Fitzgerald, Jeremy Collins and Ethan Zohn | Timothy Kuratek

Michele Fitzgerald and Jeremy Collins spearheaded a blindside

After Sele lost their third immunity challenge, Adam Klein approached his allies about potentially blindsiding Parvati Shallow. Wanting to keep good relations with the old school players, Adam mistakenly told Ethan Zohn and Boston Rob Mariano, two of Parvati’s closest allies, about the blindside.

Rob then went to Michele Fitzgerald and Jeremy Collins to confront them over the plan, and they agreed to vote out Adam. However, after Michele and Jeremy talked privately, they realized they wanted to “weaken Rob.”

Therefore, the Survivor: Kaôh Rōng winner informed Ben Driebergen and Denise Stapley about Adam’s devious gameplay, and the two immediately wanted to send the Millennials vs. Gen X champ to the Edge of Extinction.

However, when it came to Tribal Council, Michele, Jeremy, Ben, and Denise all wrote down Ethan’s name, sending him to the Edge, with Adam as the lone vote for Parvati and now on the bottom.

Fans react to the heartbreaking blindside

As one of the first Survivor winners and a two-time cancer survivor, many fans were rooting for Ethan to make it far or even win the whole thing. Therefore, they were devastated when the majority of his tribe voted him off the island.

One Twitter user uploaded a gif of Spongebob Squarepants’ Bikini Bottom on fire, with the residents freaking out and screaming. She captioned it, “The Survivor fandoms once Ethan got voted off.”

Another tried to explain that “Ethan wasn’t a threat,” and no one “accomplished” anything by sending him to the Edge. Several Survivor fans uploaded gifs of celebrites crying and compared it to their reaction after seeing the blindside because they felt bad he waited 15 years to play again but didn’t make it to the merge.

One user noted they are “so impressed” with Michele’s strategy, but are “upset it cost” them their “favorite person going into the season.”

Fans congratulate Michele Fitzgerald for her ‘brilliant strategy’

Even though several fans were upset that the Grassroots Soccer founder is no longer actively playing, they had to applaud the “brilliant strategy” that resulted in his blindside. One viewer admitted they were impressed by Michele because she, “of all people, outplayed Boston Rob, Parvati, and Ethan.”

Additionally, they believe “this move alone should quell any doubts as to her abilities as a player” because many Survivor fans felt that Michele didn’t deserve her Kaôh Rōng victory.

Another user agreed Michele made a “smart move” by voting out Ethan because “now, Rob and Parvati are still on the tribe as the main targets, but Adam is going to get the heat rather than the new school group.”

The viewer also noted her move “didn’t ice out Denise (by voting Adam) or Rob (by voting Parvati).” One fan admired the way Michele and Jeremy “came up with their own plan” to still take out an old-schooler “without following Adam’s lead.”

Additionally, the move “put Adam on notice,” so now he knows he’s on the outside of the group. Others disagreed with the move to alienate their ally and think it’s “more of an alliance-implosion power grab” as opposed to a “brilliant move.”

However, someone else argued that they could have kept both Parvati and Adam in the game, so they continue targeting each other. Watch Survivor 40: Winners at War Wednesdays at 8 p.m. EST on CBS.