‘Survivor 40: Winners at War’: Here’s Who the Cast Would Vote Out First If They Could Right Now

Jeff Probst believes that Survivor: Winners at War is one of the most anticipated seasons of all. Twenty sole survivors are coming back for a season pitting winners against winners. The Edge of Extinction is back from season 38, and the contestants know about it beforehand. So, once a contestant is voted out, they will have another shot to come back. 

We also will see a new twist — fire tokens — which are being described as a type of island currency that can be used to purchase resources and advantages. Some have even equated these extra twists to the Settlers of Catan board game. The money is also doubled in this season of Survivor. The ultimate winner will receive $2 million. Let’s take a look at who the cast would vote off first if they could.

Jeff Probst
Jeff Probst | Robert Voets/CBS via Getty Images

Many cast members would vote out Sarah Lacina first with no questions asked

“I think Sarah should be voted out first because the first season she played a really good cop, and really trustworthy and loyal,” Michele Fitzgerald, the winner of Survivor: Kaoh Rong believes. “The second time she went totally rogue and betrayed every single person, so what Sarah are we going to get?”

Many contestants mention how Sarah switched roles so quickly from one season to another. This fact worries the cast members.

“I think Sarah Lacina should be voted out first,” Sophie Clarke, the winner of Survivor: South Pacific, says. “I don’t like that she’s played twice. I am also terrified of her evolution. She went from cop to criminal with like no glitches at all, and I’m terrified about what comes after the criminal.”

Survivor winners believe that Sarah is strong and terrifying, so she should go early on in the game. 

“If I had to vote someone out right now, It would probably just be Sarah,” Kim Spradlin, the winner of Survivor: One World says. “Which may not be fair, but she just tries so freakin hard all the time.”

A few cast members would vote to get rid of Tyson because of his physical strength

“100% Tyson for many reasons,” Danni Boatwright — winner of Survivor Guatemala — says. “He is a threat because he is extremely physical. He is a very sneaky player, and he’s a troll.” 

There is also the added level of alliances to consider. Not only does Tyson have a leg up because of his physical endurance, but he is very close with Rob Mariano. That connection makes some contestants nervous.

“I think a lot of people should be voted out, but I would vote in favor of Tyson,” Yul Kwon — winner of Survivor: Cook Islands believes. “Nothing personal against him, but I know that Tyson and Rob Mariano are close friends. They have played together and been in the same alliance. They were rooting for each other. They seem like a power couple that needs to be voted out.”

The power couple — Boston Rob and Amber — are the top candidates to be voted out first

“You gotta vote Rob out of this game first,” Wendell Holland — winner of Survivor: Ghost Island believes. “He is one of the greats. He is like when you think of Survivor, you think of Boston Rob.”

Many contestants chose either Rob or Amber Mariano when asked who they would vote out first if given a chance.

“Nothing against Amber, but if Boston Rob is on the other tribe, it would be really dangerous to have a loved one pair playing,” Natalie Anderson — Winner of Survivor San Juan Del Sur — says. “We should just vote her off first.”

The other winners love Rob and Amber but believe they are most likely to go far together, so they want to vote them out first.

“I’m sorry to do this for ya, but Boston Rob ya gotta go, buddy,” Ben Driebergen — winner of Survivor: Heros VS Healers VS Hustlers — says. “You have played four or five times. You gotta statue built on an island. I think that’s why we’re all here to get a statue built on an island. You’ve done it, you’ve won, but it’s time to go, brother.”

Overall, the most-mentioned contestants that the former winners want to vote out are Sarah, Tyson, Rob and Amber. We will find out tonight if any of those vote-offs happen right away, when Survivor 40 premieres on CBS at 8 pm ET.

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