‘Survivor: Edge of Extinction’: Do Contestants Think the New Twist Is Completely Unfair?

With the 38th season of the show currently airing, Survivor fans probably think they’ve seen it all. With Edge of Extinction, however, the show is trying something they’ve never attempted before — and that’s Extinction Island. For those who are voted off the main island this season, they have the option of heading home or going to Extinction Island for a shot at getting back into the game. Extinction Island has no shelter and no available food, so castaways are left to their own devices to figure out how to get through it — but the opportunity to get back into the main game is enough of a draw.

Extinction Island is great for those who are voted off the island, but how do the castaways who’ve managed to stay in the game feel about the twist? Here’s what we know.

All four returning players are currently on Extinction Island

Jeff Probst extinguishes Joe Anglim's torch at Tribal Council
Jeff Probst extinguishes Joe Anglim’s torch at Tribal Council | Robert Voets/CBS via Getty Images

In addition to the Edge of Extinction twist, new players to the game were greeted with four returning players who would also be going for the million dollar prize. Kelley Wentworth, Aubry Bracco, David Wright, and Joe Anglim, four notable players of past seasons, were ready to compete alongside the newbies — though of course, they had targets on their backs from the beginning. While they all had the advantage of playing the game before, new players tend to like to get returning players out early, as they see them as huge strategic threats for winning the game.

Kelley Wentworth was the most recent returning player to get the boot, and now, she joins Joe, Aubry, and David on Extinction Island. Fans have hope one of them will make it back into the main game, however — and out of all four of them, it seems viewers think Joe has the best chance at fighting his way back in. Joe is known for being a challenge beast and is highly likely to conquer whatever task is put in front of him.

One player has already fought his way back into the game

Rick Devens on Survivor
Rick Devens on Survivor | Robert Voets/CBS via Getty Images

While Extinction Island was initially a secret that only those voted out knew about, the secret was unveiled when the first set of voted-out players got their chance to compete to get back into the main game. Rick Devens, the comedic and strategic player who aligned himself with returnee David Wright, fought his way back from Extinction Island after first being voted out during the fourth tribal council of the season, The Hollywood Reporter reminds us. And the most remarkable part about Rick’s journey is that while he was a huge target upon his return, he’s managed to stay off of Extinction Island since he came back.

“The worst thing about the Edge is the boredom and the lack of information. I fished (unsuccessfully), I napped, we talked, and we played stupid games to pass the time,” he told The Hollywood Reporter. “I felt coming back that I was in a great position.”

Do the contestants think the concept is fair?

Survivor: Edge of Extinction
Survivor: Edge of Extinction | Robert Voets/CBS via Getty Images

With Rick back and the possibility of any one of the four returnees currently on Extinction Island reentering the game, how do the current players really feel about the new twist? As host Jeff Probst told Entertainment Weekly, the current players “did not expect” the new twist “at all. It’s so hard to pull off any kind of a twist this long into the show, I think they enjoyed it.”

Jeff Probst also mentioned that he directly asked the contestants how they felt about the season’s twist — and he was “pleasantly surprised” by their reaction. “I actually asked the question, ‘Who feels this is an unfair twist and they should not get a second shot?’ To a person, they all liked the idea and felt that ‘If they’ve been surviving like we have, then more power to them,'” Probst said. “They know they can vote them straight out again if they want, and I think on some level, the idea of a second chance is appealing to all players. Everybody wants to play,” he added.

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