‘Survivor: Edge of Extinction’: Kelley Wentworth Has an Important Message to Her Fans on Instagram

Out of all 38 seasons of Survivor, the concept of Edge of Extinction is one fans have never seen before. On this season, players who are voted off the island have a shot at redemption by going to Extinction Island. Here, they have to build a new shelter, find food, and stave off extreme boredom as they wait for their next shot at getting back into the main game. It’s not easy being on Extinction Island, but it does offer hope — and now that the season is winding down, there are many players on the island hoping to fight their way back.

Kelley Wentworth was the most recent casualty of the game, and she’s now hoping to get back from Extinction Island. We’ll have to wait and see if she can do it, but in the mean time, she has an important message for her fans on Instagram.

Kelley Wentworth is one of four returning players to compete on Edge of Extinction

Kelley Wentworth
Kelley Wentworth | Monty Brinton/CBS via Getty Images

From the very start of Edge of Extinction, Kelley Wentworth was targeted as a strategic threat, as were the other three returning players. David Wright, Aubry Bracco, and Joe Anglim — all of whom are now on Extinction Island fighting for a way back into the game — joined Kelley as the returnees. This season stands as Kelley’s third time playing the game, and she’s more ready to compete than ever.

Kelley interviewed with Entertainment Weekly on why she chose to come back to Survivor once again. “Enough time has passed, I just feel ready. I feel like you can’t always let opportunities pass you by,” she said. “This game takes so much out of you, so my only goal this time is to win so that I don’t even have to entertain the thought of coming back.”

She called herself a ‘dumb player’ for being voted out with an unused idol

Kelly Wentworth on the ninth episode of Survivor: Edge of Extinction
Kelly Wentworth on the ninth episode of Survivor: Edge of Extinction | CBS via Getty Images

Kelley was targeted right from the get-go, but she managed to make it past the merge with her tight alliance of three. It was Kelley, Wardog, and Lauren as a voting block throughout the entirety of the season — that is, until Wardog turned against Kelley and blindsided her. This sent Kelley to Extinction Island with an unused idol in her pocket.

It seems Kelley can respect a good blindside, but she was certainly still upset by the way it all went down at tribal council. GoldDerby notes she said, “I’m pissed at myself because I had an idol in my pocket. I can’t believe I’m that person. So now I’m that dumb Survivor player.” Kelley then made a bold move once she got to Extinction Island, as she told all of the other castaways that she had an unused idol and Lauren, her closest ally in the game, also still has one. This slip of the tongue may come back to bite either Kelley or Lauren in the long run.

Kelley has this message for fans

Through all three of her seasons on Survivor, Kelley’s proven she’s a tough competitor who’s willing to make big moves and do whatever it takes to get to the end. And while she may be on Extinction Island now, we can’t count her out just yet. Recently, she posted an inspirational message on her Instagram for her fans.

“When people label you a ‘villain.’ But they forget you were also a ‘hero.’ And the reality is that you’re just a complex human who doesn’t fit in to a SINGLE box. ⁣⁣Reality tv ‘characters’ are quite the funny thing,” she wrote. “Bottom line: be whoever the hell you wanna be and own it ‘cause someone is always gonna have something to say about you, whether it’s good or bad.”

She had another inspirational message for her fans on Twitter, too — and it was all about persevering when the going gets tough. “Yep, sometimes you fail. It’s life. Just get the f*ck back up and keep going. Y’all with those messages of support and love. Never forget how far we’ve come together. I heart you,” she tweeted.

Could these messages be a clue that she makes it back from Extinction Island? We’ll have to keep watching to see.

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