‘Survivor: Edge of Extinction’: Which Returning Player Is Most Likely to Make it Back From Extinction Island?

It’s hard to believe we’re already watching the 38th season of Survivor — and, as promised, this season delivers an entirely new twist fans have never seen before. On Edge of Extinction, players voted off the island go to a new location called Extinction Island. It’s here they must seek shelter, find food, and wait it out until they get a shot at getting back into the main game. It’s brutal, soul-sucking, and physically difficult, of course — but those who have their eye on the prize may see it as the perfect opportunity at redemption.

There was another twist this season, too. Four players were returnees who didn’t win their seasons of the past. Unfortunately for them, they all landed on Extinction Island. So, who’s most likely to make it back and go for the million dollars? Here’s what fans think.

All four returning Survivor players are now on Extinction Island

Survivor: Edge of Extinction
Survivor: Edge of Extinction | Robert Voets/CBS via Getty Images

It’s tough for anyone to win Survivor, but returning players have even bigger targets on their backs. They’re typically considered strategic threats since they know what to expect more than the newbies — and fans who are playing alongside the returnees also likely know how the returnees strategize. This season, Kelley Wentworth, Joe Anglim, David Wright, and Aubry Bracco have returned and all landed on Extinction Island.

As host Jeff Probst told Entertainment Tonight, “These four players illustrate how difficult it is to win this game. They are experts at different aspects of the game. Every one of them is a phenomenal player and yet none of them have won.” The new players did what many other fans would do — and that was take out a few of the biggest strategic and physical threats early on. Joe, the biggest physical threat, and Aubry, the strategic threat, were blindsided. David lasted longer but couldn’t stay on top, and finally Kelley was completely blindsided by her alliance.

Kelley Wentworth was the most recent returnee to get voted out

Kelley Wentworth has played on two other seasons of Survivor and was used to never having the numbers, so her luck seemed to take a turn this season. While her original tribe lost all but one immunity challenge, she made a strong alliance with tribe mates Wardog and Lauren going into the merge — and that paid off time and time again. Unfortunately, her status as a strategic threat and highly-skilled returning player caused Wardog to devise a plan against her behind her back. She was sent to Extinction Island most recently with a hidden immunity idol unplayed in her pocket.

Kelley was clearly devastated that her own alliance turned against her, but recently, she had some words of wisdom for her fans on Twitter. “Yep, sometimes you fail. It’s life. Just get the f*ck back up and keep going. Y’all with those messages of support and love. Never forget how far we’ve come together. I heart you,” she tweeted. Could she make it back from Extinction Island and fight as the underdog once again? We’ll have to wait and see.

It seems fans think Joe Anglim is the most likely to return

Jeff Probst extinguishes Joe Anglim's torch
Jeff Probst extinguishes Joe Anglim’s torch | Robert Voets/CBS via Getty Images

All of the returning players have a good chance of coming back — and it’s all going to depend on what the challenge to get back on the main island entails. According to a poll by GoldDerby, 42% of fans think Joe will be the one to make it back from the island. Joe has an unbeatable track record for winning challenges, and since winning a challenge is the golden ticket to getting off Extinction Island and back into the main game, it makes perfect sense that fans would think he’d have this in the bag.

Aubry comes in at a close second for who fans want to see come back, though. GoldDerby’s poll showed 37% of fans want her to get back into the game and prove she has the mental prowess to make it to the end. We can’t forget that when she arrived to Extinction Island, she said, “I never give up. For me, as soon as it hits the rock bottom that’s my favorite part because I know it can only go up.”

It seems David and Kelley don’t have too many fans supporting them in their quest off the island, but perhaps they can surprise us, too.

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