‘Survivor: Ghost Island’: Bradley Reveals His Favorite (And Least Favorite) Players

Bradley Kleihege was a villain throughout Survivor: Ghost Island, and because of how irritating he was, a lot of fans felt that he would make it close to the end of the game.

They were wrong, though. Bradley was surprisingly voted off seventh after Domenick and Chelsea turned on him. Now, Bradley is opening up about his time on Survivor, revealing some details we didn’t see on screen and discussing the player he liked the least (page 5), plus who he is rooting for to win (page 10).

1. He watched his last episode with Michael and Stephanie

Bradley and Stephanie sitting next to each other

Stephanie and Bradley were good friends. | Bradley Kleihege via Instagram

Bradley has apparently been getting along well with Michael Yerger and Stephanie Johnson ever since leaving the show. After all, he told The Hollywood Reporter that he actually watched his final episode with Michael, Stephanie, and Stephanie’s kids.

Bradley explained that he has really bonded with Stephanie, saying, “we talked strategy and about life, and we were close before I voted her out. Now we’re super close, because we ran around Australia for three weeks.”

He also said that he did not get along with Michael in the beginning but ended up really liking him. Stephanie was voted out two weeks before Bradley, but Michael remained on the show when Bradley left.

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2. Domenick was one of his favorite players

Domenick on 'Ghost Island'.

Bradley also respected Domenick. | Domenick Abbate via Instagram

Bradley told The Hollywood Reporter that of the entire cast, one of his favorite players was actually Domenick Abbate, who would wind up turning on him.

“In reality, Dom is one of my absolute favorite people from the cast,” he said. “There’s almost nobody I had as much fun talking with out there and listening to their stories. That guy has the funniest stories in the entire world.”

Domenick, of course, remained on Survivor when Bradley left. Bradley told The Hollywood Reporter that he probably would have flipped on Dom at some point, but not for a while.

Bradley also told Reality TV World that “Dom and I were pretty close from the beginning.”

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3. He incorrectly thought he could trust Domenick

Domenick cutting down a piece of bamboo.

Domenick might not have thought the same of Bradley. | Domenick Abbate via Instagram

Not only did Bradley get along well with Dom, but he also says that he thought he could trust him — at least, for the time being.

“I thought I could at least trust Dom through that vote,” he told The Hollywood Reporter. In a separate interview with Entertainment Weekly, Bradley said that he was “excited to get back with Dom because I thought Dom and I were really solid.”

Of course, Bradley ended up being incorrect, as Domenick blindsided him at Tribal Council. Not only that, but Dom revealed in his own interview with Entertainment Weekly that he actually intentionally lost the immunity challenge in order to get rid of Bradley.

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4. Domenick says Bradley was irritating and a ‘huge strategic threat’

Bradley Kleihege sitting on the island.

Apparently, the feelings weren’t reciprocated.| Bradley Kleihege via Instagram

So why exactly did Domenick decide to vote out Bradley? On the show, it came across like it was mainly just because Bradley was an annoying guy. But surely that isn’t enough reason to turn on him, right? Wouldn’t Dom want to keep someone like that around?

Well, while speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Domenick did say that “I had several moments in the game when I wanted to strangle Bradley for certain remarks he made.” He added that there were actually a lot of “demeaning comments” Bradley made that were not shown on the air.

However, he explained that this wouldn’t be enough reason to eliminate him. Instead, Dom says he was threatened by the Bradley and Kellyn dynamic and felt like they would be running things after the merge. So he thought it was necessary to get rid of Bradley before the merge took place.

“I could not let this opportunity slip through my fingers,” Dom said.

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5. Bradley says that Chelsea drove him crazy

Chelsea Townsend on the island.

Bradley didn’t exactly get along with Chelsea. | CBS

Bradley has now revealed the player that he really couldn’t stand during the game: Chelsea Townsend.

“She was not real, she was not interesting, she really just sat there,” Bradley told The Hollywood Reporter. “She was completely irrelevant, and that’s exactly what you’re seeing on TV.”

Bradley says that he played with Chelsea for 19 days, and it wasn’t until the 17th day that they had a real conversation about anything (it was about camping). Chelsea has gotten shockingly little screen time this season, and the fact that she apparently wasn’t being very real with her fellow contestants could be part of the reason why.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Bradley said, “Chelsea was completely irrelevant. Her edit is actually pretty representative of what she was doing out there.”

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6. Chelsea suggested eliminating Bradley two days in

Chelsea leaning against a tree.

Chelsea was not on Bradley’s side. | Chelsea Townshend via Instagram

There was another reason Bradley never liked Chelsea: She was trying to get rid of him from very early on in the game. “She threw my name out there on day two,” Bradley told The Hollywood Reporter. “Luckily, it was to Kellyn, who ran and told me. I knew I couldn’t trust her.”

Bradley also revealed that had he stayed in the game, he would have tried to get rid of Chelsea immediately after the merge. “When I got to Naviti after the second swap, I was devastated to still be with Chelsea,” he said. “She was someone I didn’t want to play with. I really didn’t trust her.”

It was because Bradley didn’t trust Chelsea that he assumed after being voted out that Chelsea was the one who convinced Dom to flip.

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7. He says Chelsea is a nice person in real life, however

Chelsea standing on the island beach.

There are no hard feelings. | Chelsea Townshend via Instagram

Of course, Bradley is just talking about the fact that Chelsea was someone he didn’t like to play with; he’s not commenting on her as a person. After all, Bradley says that he has gotten to know Chelsea better outside of the game, and he feels differently about her now.

“…[O]utside of the game, Chelsea is a delightful person,” he told The Hollywood Reporter. “She’s quite nice because she’s so normal and is very easy to hang out with outside of the game.”

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8. He says several contestants were barely even playing at all

Jenna Bowman smiles while posing in front of a beach on the island.

Jenna Bowman | CBS

While speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Bradley was brutally honest and said that there were some people who looked on TV like they were really playing but who “didn’t play the game a second they were out there.”

He actually named five people who he felt this applied to: Donathan, Libby, Chelsea, Sebastian, and Jenna. “Even you look at some people talking strategy like Sebastian — he didn’t play the game a single day he was out there. Jenna wasn’t playing,” Bradley said. “It’s kind of amusing to see.”

Bradley caveated all of this by saying, however, that “I am friends with almost every single one of these people outside the game.” He also said that there are some players like Brendan who he didn’t get along well with at all in the game but who he became close with later. And he said that he was close with Sebastian, something that didn’t come across on TV.

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9. He says Libby was in ‘some other universe’ and Donathan was ‘insufferable’

Once again with the caveat that this isn’t necessarily how he feels about these people in real life, Bradley named two other players who he wasn’t a huge fan of. The first was Libby, who Bradley told Parade “would sit around and at one point she was trying to tell one of the camera guys how he can get rid of his acne scars with raw honey masks. She is in some other universe.”

The second player was actually Donathan, despite the fact that he’s one of the fan favorite players of the season. Bradley felt that Donathan was being way too built up by Jeff Probst. “You can watch an ego swell and swell, and it was like, ‘Oh my goodness, you’re insufferable,'” he said.

To Bradley, it was clear that neither of these players liked him, either. “I didn’t think there was any way in the world I had a chance with Donathan or Libby,” he said. He also told Reality TV World, “Donathan didn’t like me.”

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10. He’s rooting for Kellyn or Michael to win

Kellyn on the island.

Bradley is rooting for Kellyn. | Kelly Bechtold via Instagram

So now that Bradley knows he won’t be winning Survivor: Ghost Island, who is he rooting for?

In an interview with CBS Boston, Bradley first said that his choice would be “My girl Kellyn.” However, he then added, “Kellyn or Michael,” explaining that these were his two best alliance members going into the merge.

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