‘Survivor’ Host Jeff Probst Announces Victory Over CBS Promo Debacle

Jeff Probst has been producing and hosting Survivor for 39 seasons now, but that doesn’t mean the legendary host always agrees with CBS. In fact, Survivor: Island of the Idols has seen Probst butt heads with the company over a recent spoiler-laden promo. 

Now, however, Probst is announcing victory. After asking fans to help out, it seems CBS might have rectified their mistake. Here’s what Probst had to say about the incident. 

Jeff Probst is angry with CBS 

Survivor: Island of the Idols got off to a thrilling start with its premiere episode. The castaways were marooned on the island without Jeff Probst there to give them the usual introductions. They immediately were left to fend for themselves. 

However, there was one major slip-up on CBS’ part that left both fans and Jeff Probst feeling frustrated. During a commercial break, CBS aired a promo for the show — during the show’s time slot. The promo revealed which tribe would be appearing at tribal council during the same episode. 

Fans were upset, to say the least. Probst took to Twitter to express his own frustration. He wrote, “To those of you frustrated by Survivor spoilers in the promos…I have to admit I too find it mind numbing [sic]. And it pains me to have join in your complaints against @SurvivorCBS but I am,” wrote Probst

“Despite being on the air 20 years we still have not earned the right to approve our own promo spots. The purpose of a promo is to entice you to watch without giving away what it is we want you to watch. We have no say in that…,” continued the host. 

Probst concluded, “I encourage you to continue complaining in the hopes they will finally submit. But spoilers notwithstanding, tonight’s #SURVIVOR episode is GREAT! Super fun! Enjoy!”

Fans react to the promo

It’s clear that Probst has a good feel for what Survivor fans enjoy, and what they don’t. Fans also took to Twitter to express their own frustration, and to back up Probst. 

One fan wrote, “Really glad I skip commercials. But, damn, @CBS @survivorcbs @JeffProbst , this is SPOILER unacceptable.”

“Idk I’m just so amazed that they thought that we were just not gonna notice that,” added another fan.

“Thanks for listening to the fans about this all week @JeffProbst you’re a king,” said one fan, lauding the host.

Another fan made it clear that they’re not upset with Probst. “Thanks for putting it out there, glad we aren’t alone! Frustrating after so many seasons without this problem. We know it’s not your fault though!” they wrote. 

Jeff Probst announces victory

Luckily, it seems as if Jef Probst’s messages were listened to. The Survivor host recently declared victory via Twitter. 

Probst announced, “Well, it certainly wasn’t my most gracious moment :) but our alliance accomplished its goal.  Thanks to the passion of our fans and a great 20-year partnership with CBS the promo issue has been resolved!  Sweet! Moving forward with the rest of a killer season of #Survivor!”

One fan replied with a comment that expressed how much the Survivor community appreciates Probst. “This is why you’re the best in the business and the fans keep coming back no matter what. The relationship you have cultivated with the community over the years is like no other show,” they wrote.