‘Survivor’ Host Jeff Probst Weighed in on Lauren Beck’s ‘Remarkable’ Island of the Idols Challenge

On Survivor 39 Episode 11, Lauren Beck went to the Island of the Idols, where she had to “bet” on two contestants to win the immunity challenge. Beck showed “remarkable” Survivor skills with the way she read her tribemates and successfully convinced everyone except for Karishma Patel to choose breakfast over a shot at immunity.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, host Jeff Probst explained why he enjoyed Beck’s Island of the Idols visit and what would happen if someone else found her idol.

Lauren Beck
Lauren Beck | Robert Voets

‘Survivor 39’ Lauren Beck’s Island of the Idols experience

On Episode 11, Lauren Beck wanted to go to the Island of the Idols to get an advantage. Surprised to see Boston Rob Mariano and Sandra Diaz-Twine waiting for her, she dropped her bags and excitedly ran into their arms.

After she calmed down, Mariano explained what she had to do to receive an immunity idol valid for the next two Tribal Councils. He described what the next immunity challenge would be and told her there would be an “eat or play” option.

Beck had to correctly bet on two people to win immunity to receive her idol, or else she would lose her vote at the next Tribal Council. Because the nanny felt like she had a great read on her tribemates, which she did, Beck took the chance and picked Elizabeth Beisel and Noura Salman as her “horses.”

When she got back to the tribe, she explained what the next immunity challenge would be and informed them about their choice to sit out and eat breakfast. With Tommy Sheehan as her “wingman,” Beck successfully persuaded everyone, except for Karishma Patel and her two “horses,” to choose pancakes and hashbrowns over a shot at immunity. 

‘Survivor 39’ host Jeff Probst weighs in on Lauren Beck’s performance

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, host Jeff Probst said he “gives a lot of credit to Lauren” with how she was able to convince her tribe members to sit out of the challenge.

Probst also explained that the Island of the Idols visit “spoke to a key part of Survivor” as competitors should know what each of their tribe members would do in any situation. The host also commended Beck’s “good read on the other tribe members.”

He added that even though she “made it look easy,” her skill is “remarkable” as she uniquely catered to each player to get them to choose breakfast instead of immunity.

What if someone else found Lauren Beck’s idol?

Right before Beck left the Island of the Idols, Diaz-Twine told her that her idol would be located under a rock where they receive tree mail. Probst explained that while it’s “highly unlikely,” if another player found Beck’s idol, they wouldn’t be able to keep it.

When a player is rewarded with an immunity idol for completing a task, it comes with a note explaining who the idol belongs to. However, if someone else did find it and waited for the recipient to retrieve it, they would have “valuable information,” which they could use to further their game.

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