‘Survivor’ Host Jeff Probst Responds to Fans Who Are Sick of New ‘Twists’

Every season of Survivor is a little bit different. Between Jeff Probst and Mark Burnett, fans can always expect some degree of variety. Oftentimes that comes from the casting process, manifesting itself into a division between the tribes of some sort. It can also mean all sorts of new challenges and rewards. However, these twists can also mean idols, advantages that impact the game, or last-minute high-stakes competitions to see who makes it to the final three.

Some fans have expressed irritation at the constant additions to the game. There are times when they argue the twists invalidate the integrity of the game, or cheapen the game by forcing it into gimmicky territory. Jeff Probst tends to disagree. CBS’ resident game master speaks up and defends the evolution of Survivor.

Fans react to new twists

 Jeff Probst
Jeff Probst | CBS via Getty Images

While some fans are ready for just about anything when it comes to Survivor, there are some who feel as if the twists aren’t really helping the show. One reddit user writes, “I think there’s such a thing as too much of a good thing. I think there’s a threshold that, once crossed, makes a season feel imbalanced and lopsided. It feels less like Survivor and more like a game of random chance of when someone will find and use advantages.”

Another user agreed, adding, “I feel like nowadays, you get too many points where it feels less like the players are competing against each other within the game and more like they’re competing against the game itself.”

However, another user does make a good point that no twists could make the game too predictable for the players. “Besides, as Jeff said, if you never change the game, players will eventually become so familiar with it that they’re all going to be experts, which can be tiresome. Having things to throw people off and challenge their critical thinking and responses go the game is important and fun to watch,” they wrote.

One poster expressed frustreation towards Probst. “The show continues to be a ratings powerhouse. What incentive does he have to be truly creative and smart about which twists to use and how much to reel them in? If fans would stop this “Survivor is always fun to watch – even bad seasons are good television” crap (those people have a very strange opinion of Redemption Island and One World) then maybe the quality control will get better.”

Was ‘Edge of Extinction’ iconic?

Jeff Probst
Jeff Probst | Timothy Kuratek/CBS via Getty Images

Durng Survivor: Edge of Extinction, players who were voted off were sent to the “Edge of Extinction,” a barren island where they had to survive with very little food and shelter until they were granted an opportunity to fight their way back onto the island. The twist was very controversial, as some player who were barely on the show before getting voted out had a chance to get back on — and in fact, one of them succeeded, winning the show.

Some fans were very unhappy with this, feeling as if it was a twist in poor faith. Probst, however, named it an iconic moment. “Over the years, certain moments on Survivor have become iconic. Some moments take years to become iconic, others become iconic the moment they happen…this may be one of them,” said Probst.

Probst reacts to fans

Jeff Probst
Jeff Probst | CBS via Getty Images

Probst reached out to Decider to react to claims that the show is involving too many unnecessary twists. According to Decider, “These changes, Probst told me, are not simply for the sake of creating fireworks or to achieve some kind of ‘wow’ factor. Most changes are made to stay ahead of a game where the players are constantly thinking of ways to perfect it.”

Probst went on to add that he understands why fans might get frustrated. “Anything that messes with somebody they like in the game, people hate,” said Probst. “Anything that helps somebody they like in the game, they will love.”