‘Survivor’ Host Jeff Probst Says This Is Who He Thinks Will Win ‘Edge of Extinction’

There are a few Survivor super fans who have watched the show from its very first season nearly 20 years ago, but there’s also been one other man who’s seen it all — and that’s Jeff Probst. The iconic host of Survivor has loved the game since conception and continues to host the series today. He’s witnessed the most surprising tribal councils and seen some underdogs thrive and win the $1 million prize. And now, he’s ready to make some predictions in regards to who’s going to win Survivor: Edge of Extinction.

So, who’s Jeff’s pick, and why? Here’s what we know.

Jeff thinks returning player Kelley Wentworth will win it all

Kelley Wentworth during Survivor: Cambodia
Kelley Wentworth during Survivor: Cambodia | Monty Brinton/CBS via Getty Images

We’ve seen plenty of twists and turns on past Survivor seasons, but none have been like what’s about to happen on Edge of Extinction. In this season, the castaways who are voted off the island will be given a choice as they’re exiting that they had no idea existed — and that choice is to either leave the game completely or try their luck on a different deserted island with a chance to get back in. As for who will play the best game, we have yet to see — but Jeff thinks returning player Kelley Wentworth has an excellent shot.

“She’s who I would align with,” Jeff told Entertainment Weekly. “I just think Kelley has it all, and she’s got just enough physical skills, great social skills, very aggressive in terms of finding idols, and she can lie like crazy. I think it’s her time.” Jeff also predicts that Kelley will make a strong alliance early on with other players that will last and protect her through the game, too. “I don’t think she’ll see Extinction Island, I think she’ll be in deep,” he added.

Kelley said this is why she’s ready to play Survivor a third time

Jeff Probst awards Kelley Wentworth
Jeff Probst awards Kelley Wentworth with the Immunity Necklace during the two-hour season finale of Survivor | CBS via Getty Images

Kelley’s played the game twice before, which may put a target on her back for other players early on but may also prove to be to her advantage. And Entertainment Weekly reminds us how much she’s had to fight to get far in both of her past seasons. During Survivor: Cambodia — Second Chance, we recall how Kelley was one day away from making the final three and perhaps even collecting a check of $1 million. And she’s ready to give it a go, even though she did note that she might be totally out of her mind for returning.

“I just feel ready,” Kelley told Entertainment Weekly. “I feel like you can’t always let opportunities pass you by. And, still no kids. I’m married now, but it’s just like you never know in the next few years what might be in my life and this just seemed like the perfect time.” She also mentioned that this time might be her last, so she hopes to come out with a win. “I don’t know if I could do four times. This game takes so much out of you, so my only goal this time is to win so that I don’t even have to entertain the thought of coming back,” she said.

She’s not the only returning player out to win

Survivor Executive Producer Jeff Probst
Survivor Executive Producer Jeff Probst | Timothy Kuratek/CBS via Getty Images

At the time of the Entertainment Weekly interview, Kelley knew she was returning with one other player — but she also had a feeling there may be more veterans she’d have to compete with. Her inkling was right. Entertainment Weekly notes four past Survivor players are set to go for the million dollars on Edge of Extinction. They include Aubry Bracco from Games Changers and Kaoh Rong, David Wright from Millennials vs. Gen X, and Joe Anglim from Worlds Apart and Cambodia — Second Chance. 

All four players will be gunning for the win, and they’re all coming back a little wiser than they were before. And Jeff is particularly excited about the players, old and new. “I love this next group of players,” the host said. “We were looking for specific types of stories and we found them. I think the audience is going to enjoy the ride. We’re continuing to live up to our promise to our fans.”

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