Did ‘Survivor: Island of the Idols’ Dean Kowalski Make a Mistake That Could Cost Him the Game?

Survivor: Island of the Idols contestant Dean Kowalski shocked viewers, and his tribemates, when he leaned over to Tommy Sheehan and told the fourth-grade teacher he would be receiving votes that night at Tribal Council.

Fans are divided over Kowalski’s move with some agreeing with his decision and others believing he made a mistake that could cost him the game.

Dean Kowalski
Karishma Patel, Kellee Kim, Dean Kowalski and Noura Salman | Robert Voets

‘Survivor’ contestant Dean Kowalski saved Tommy Sheehan

On Survivor: Island of the Idols Episode 12, Janet Carbin and Tommy Sheehan won a feast and time with their loved ones. They invited alliance members Lauren Beck and Dan Spilo, leaving Noura Salman, Dean Kowalski, Karishma Patel, and Elaine Stott behind on the island.

Salman, who’s a member of that alliance, became very upset and aired her grievances to the other “outsiders.” She told them she wanted to team up and eliminate her former alliance, starting with Beck, which seemed to be music to Kowalski’s ears.

However, the nanny won individual immunity, so the target switched to her right-hand man, Sheehan. All four “outsiders” agreed to place their votes on the fourth-grade teacher. However, Salman didn’t understand how the plan would work.

While Kowalski tried to explain the situation to a confused Salman, he became increasingly worried that she would ruin everything. Therefore, once the basketball player got to Tribal Council, he whispered to Sheehan that Salman, Patel, and Stott were writing his name down, sending everyone into a whispering frenzy.

Even though Sheehan felt that Salman betrayed him, he spared her, and the majority eliminated Patel instead.

Some ‘Survivor’ fans agree with Dean Kowalski

While some viewers were shocked and confused by Kowalski’s choice to flip, others thought he made the right decision because he has a better chance of reaching the Final Tribal Council with Beck and Sheehan.

Additionally, they believe he wanted to get into a different alliance as he didn’t trust Salman and felt like the “outsiders” alliance was a sinking ship. Viewers also think Kowalski has a plan and wanted to gain Sheehan and Beck’s trust so he can vote the fourth-grade teacher out later.

Others disagree and believe Kowalski threw away any chance he had at the million-dollar grand prize.

Other ‘Survivor’ fans think Dean Kowalski’s mistake cost him the game

Some Survivor fans thought the basketball player made a dumb mistake because they predict he will be the first voted out of Sheehan’s alliance. Additionally, they believe he only had a chance of reaching the Final Tribal Council with the “outsiders.”

Fans also think he lost all his potential jury votes with the move. Other viewers don’t like Kowalski’s decision for personal reasons because he ruined Salman and Stott’s game as well as sent home fan-favorites Chelsea Walker, Kellee Kim, and now, Patel.

Ultimately, people believe that Sheehan will win Survivor, and Kowalski missed his opportunity to get him out of the game. Therefore, viewers think he significantly reduced his chances to earn the title of Sole Survivor.

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