‘Survivor: Island of the Idols’ Juror No. 7 ‘Powered up’ on the ‘Sense of Inclusion’ in Ponderosa

On Survivor: Island of the Idols Episode 12, the tribemates were able to eliminate “the cat with nine lives,” Karishma Patel, after one of the most lively Tribal Councils the show has ever had. When she went to Ponderosa, she found the acceptance she had been searching for the whole game and finally took off her “security blanket.”

Survivor Karishma Ponderosa
Elaine Stott and Karishma Patel | Michele Crowe

Karishma Patel voted off on ‘Survivor: Island of the Idols’ Episode 12

Even though Karishma Patel knew the Indian community might look down on her for being a “37-year-old married woman running around in her underwear,” she still did it to fit in with her tribemates. However, nothing worked as they wanted to eliminate her almost immediately for performing poorly in the challenges and not doing anything around camp.

After a tribe swap, Patel quickly flipped to Vokai and began opening up to her tribemates about her marriage as she felt like she and her husband were only roommates.

On Episode 10, after Patel still could not make any connections, she realized how much her husband loves her “because he chooses her every day” and found a hidden immunity idol. She also positioned herself as a swing vote and sent physical and strategic threat Missy Byrd to the jury.

At the next Tribal Council, Patel correctly played her idol, negating seven votes against her, and eliminating Byrd’s last ally, Elizabeth Beisel. The personal injury lawyer then reconnected with her husband during the loved one’s visit and seemed to finally get into an alliance with Dean Kowalski, Noura Salman, and Elaine Stott. However, Kowalski flipped at the last second, and Patel became the seventh member of the jury.

Karishma Patel checks in with Doctor Joe Rowles

After Jeff Probst “snuffed” Patel’s torch, she talked to Doctor Joe, who checked her vitals and weight. Patel admitted she was uncomfortable at every conscious moment all 32 days she competed. However, she chose the opportunity because she wanted to see if she had it in her and didn’t want to have a lack of clarity in her life.

While Patel could have “fought” for the remaining seven days, she’s “proud of her position as a juror” and is ready to get clean. As the personal injury lawyer salivated over the menu, she admitted she wasn’t sure if anyone would be outside to greet her.

Everyone greeted ‘Survivor’ Karishma Patel upon entering Ponderosa

Every jury member welcomed Patel into Ponderosa with a warm hug. She said she hadn’t felt love the entire time she had been on the island, so the embraces put her “at ease.” During the hugs, Patel couldn’t stop smiling and later told the cameras that it was the first time she “truly smiled with all her heart in a long time.”

After being shocked by how thin, dark, and young she looked, she decided she wanted to shower before eating her first meal.

Karishma Patel experienced ‘friendship’ with Elizabeth Beisel and Missy Byrd

Elizabeth Beisel and Missy Byrd walked Patel to her room, and the personal injury lawyer explained the impact the loved one’s visit had on her. She revealed she felt like no one wanted her around on the island, but her husband “knows all her flaws and chooses her.” Therefore, Patel promised she would “choose him every day for the rest of her life” and that “kids are on the horizon.”

Patel also admitted she “put a security blanket on Day 2 and never took it off,” preventing anyone from getting close to her. After talking to the ladies, Patel said she was “grateful” for them because it “felt like friendship.”

The other ‘Survivor’ jurors weighed in on Karishma Patel’s transformation in Ponderosa

As Patel ate, she began crying out of happiness that everyone was “talking” to her and “engaging” with her because she hadn’t felt that in the game. In a confessional, she said the food and “sense of inclusion” was “powering her up.”

After Aaron Meredith hugged Patel when she first entered Ponderosa, he noted she had “sheer joy in her eyes” and “could feel the love.” Once Byrd left Patel to shower, she told the cameras it was like “meeting a stranger” and called her “Karishma 2.0.”

When Patel began crying during her meal, Jack Nichting knew she was finally happy after having a “tough time” on the island. Finally, Jamal Shipman explained he always believed Patel was a “different person” during the game because, at times, he saw “glimmers of who she is here [Ponderosa].”

What Karishma Patel takes away from her ‘Survivor’ experience in Ponderosa

In conclusion, Patel said she’s “taking away a true appreciation for those who love and support her back home.” Focusing on her husband, she explained his loving and caring character, and that’s he’s always there for her.

Patel ended by saying that in life, everyone needs someone to help them up when they fall. However, according to the personal injury lawyer, her husband would never let her fall in the first place. Watch Survivor: Island of the Idols Wednesdays at 8 p.m. EST on CBS.