‘Survivor’ Star Jamal Shipman Offended by Comedian David Spade’s Joke About His Weight

In a segment on the late-night show, Lights Out, comedian and television host David Spade made jokes about Survivor: Island of the Idols star Jamal Shipman’s weight. Feeling fat-shamed, he called the comedian out on Twitter and defended himself from several critics.

Jamal Shipman
Jamal Shipman | Michele Crowe

Jamal Shipman on ‘Survivor’

Last year, a 33-year-old college administrator, Jamal Shipman, made his debut on Survivor: Island of the Idols as part of the dominant Vokai tribe. Initially, he sat comfortably in the majority with tight bonds with Jack Nichting and Molly Byman.

However, after the tribe blindsided the latter, Shipman landed in the minority. He then found a Hidden Immunity Idol and subtly became a part of the majority again

After a visit to the Island of the Idols left the college administrator without a vote, he created a fake legacy advantage for Dean Kowalski to place the target on him.

However, the tribe felt like Shipman was the biggest threat left in the game and voted him out that night, making him the third member of the Jury.

David Spade made fun of Jamal Shipman on his show

In a segment called Spade Runs TV: Survivor, comedian and television host David Spade acted as a Survivor producer and zoomed in on the college administrator sitting on a hammock in an episode of Island of the Idols.

He asked, “Where are we filming this? The island of the Man Boob?” and then told his assistant to “hit the t*tty scrambler,” which blurred Shipman’s nipples. In the scene where Shipman found the Hidden Immunity Idol, Spade pretended he hid drugs in there.

For the rest of the skit, the comedian commented on certain parts of the episode as if he created things that happened. The segment lasted a little over two-and-a-half minutes with the first minute focused on Shipman.

He took offense to the joke and called the comedian out on Twitter.

Jamal Shipman responded to David Spade’s joke

In a quote tweet that included the clip, Shipman claimed he “never liked David Spade” because “his humor just didn’t do it for me.” He said he still doesn’t like the comedian after seeing the “episode from his weird show,” and called him an “E-list celebrity.”

Shipman concluded by thanking Spade “for the assist.” An hour later, the comedian responded to the Survivor star on Twitter, writing, “Jamal. What happened to us? We can fix this.”

Several people replied to the tweet, and Shipman defended himself to nearly every critic. Someone called him “one of the worst Survivor contestants,” and the college administrator asked them why they felt that way.

Another advised him to “take a joke,” and Shipman wanted the user to explain what they “find so hilarious about the part of that sketch that is about me?”

One Spade fan said Shipman looks like someone who “should have a Ukulele” on his lap. Offended, the Survivor star explained he’s “not even that big for my size” and “still pretty athletic.”

He then chastised the critics, writing, “It’s really kind of cruel and shameful for you all to participate in this.”