The 1 Clever Way the Sussex Royal Instagram Differs From Prince William and Kate Middleton’s Instagram

When Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were first married, they were still living on the grounds of Kensington Palace as neighbors to Prince William and Kate Middleton. But when Harry and Meghan realized their royal lives were headed in a different direction than their in-laws, Harry and Will decided to split their households, and Harry and Meghan moved away. This led the Sussex couple to launch an Instagram account of their own, and they made sure it differed from Will and Kate’s in one unique way.

Prince Harry Meghan Markle
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle recently launched their own Instagram account. | Mark Cuthbert/UK Press via Getty Images

Both couples used to use the Kensington Royal Instagram account

Before Harry and Meghan wed, Harry had settled into an apartment at Kensington Palace as a neighbor to Will and his wife, Kate Middleton. As Instagram grew in popularity, Kensington Palace launched an account to showcase the charity work done by the Cambridges and Prince Harry. But when Harry met Meghan, things moved quickly, and he settled down with her about two years after they started dating. Once Harry found his own princess, he and Meghan decided they wanted to do things a bit differently than Will and Kate — starting with a move to Windsor Castle.

When Harry and Meghan moved, the couple started their own account

Harry and Will had a lot of decisions to make as brothers in the royal family. They ultimately decided to split their household into two separate offices, since Will’s royal duties would only start getting more intense as he got closer to the throne. After Harry and Will divvied things up, and once Harry and Meghan moved out of Kensington Palace, the royal family decided the Duke and Duchess of Sussex needed their own Instagram account. The royal family launched an account that would highlight only Harry and Meghan’s royal work, while the Kensington account stayed with Will and Kate.

The Sussex account has borders around its photos, which differs aesthetically from Will and Kate’s Kensington account

As the Sussex account begins to fill with photos, it’s easy to notice one aesthetic difference between the Sussex and Kensington accounts: White borders. Harry and Meghan have thick white borders around all of their photos, which creates more white space between the images in the feed. It may be a slight difference, but it’s something that sets their account apart from Will and Kate’s. Meghan has always been very interested in design and style, so it may have been a personal touch that she asked her team to incorporate when they began posting photos.

Sussex and Kensington Instagram
The SussexRoyal account, left, has thicker white borders around its photos than KensingtonRoyal.

Meghan and Harry’s Instagram account broke world records when it was launched

When Harry and Meghan got their own Instagram, it became a record-setting moment. According to Guinness World Records, Harry and Meghan hit one million followers in five hours and 45 minutes, which made their account the fastest-growing account in Instagram history. Since the couple started their own account, they’ve been able to showcase what they do on a regular basis, which has helped Meghan gain some more positive media attention. The couple appears to be nicely settling into their new royal life together.

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