Sweet Fan Theory Finally Connects ‘Agents of SHIELD’ Back to the Larger MCU

One of the biggest beefs Marvel Cinematic Universe fans have had over the last dozen years is the TV universe not connecting properly with the MCU. One show that was originally marketed as connecting with the MCU was Agents of SHIELD, soon in its final season on ABC.

Due to gradually degraded budgets on the show, the promised connections never happened, other than a minor exception from TV to the movies. Yes, a few mentions were made about events in the MCU on SHIELD episodes. Nobody should have ever realistically thought there would be a physical crossover, though.

Now a new fan theory found a possible way to connect SHIELD with the MCU should they go there in the final episode. The premise behind this idea would be too hard for any Marvel writer to resist.

The final season of ‘Agent of SHIELD’ is already turning things up a notch

Clark Gregg as Agent Coulson
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The seventh and final season of SHIELD is soon underway with the first episode airing May 27 and ending at some point in late summer. A major plot point in the finale is the SHIELD team going through similar time-travel not unlike seen in Endgame.

This time, the crew is stranded in time and visit key moments in the history of SHIELD along the way. At the center of it all is the superheroes trying to avert an alien occupation (the Chronicoms) as started in Season Six.

Many fans think the show found its old energy back going this route and providing the top-tier creativity it had in its early days. Back then, the budgets were higher and almost on par with the big-screen counterparts. How the entire story ends, however, is still ripe for speculation.

An interesting thread on Reddit recently noted how it could wrap up in the final episode. If it really does happen, it would give a direct connection to Tony Stark.

Should Phil Coulson receive a letter from Tony Stark?

In the above setup, the Reddit user wants to see the retired Phil Coulson (presumably living somewhere in Tahiti with Melinda May) receive a letter from Stark. Since Coulson has a Life Model Decoy of himself operating SHIELD at the moment, seeing the real Coulson would certainly bring things full circle.

The premise would be the above letter would be from Tony Stark’s will and written by The Avengers team. In the letter would be a thank-you note from Stark for all that SHIELD did in helping bring the superheroes together in the early days. Coulson would only receive the note because Stark found out he was still alive before the events of Endgame occur.

Of course, this idea really caught the eye of MCU fans. It almost makes one wish the show really would do this as a complete full-circle tie-in with the MCU. Also, it would validate the show was indeed tied with the MCU all along, despite prior assumptions they were scrubbing the record clean of any connections.

Perhaps the time travel from the SHIELD team in the final season is the ticket toward righting things back toward being canonical. If not, it would not be the only show ever done ignoring past events for the purposes of a more fulfilling finale.

Some kind of MCU connection is inevitable for ‘Agents of SHIELD’

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Unfortunately, the above Reddit theory is pure speculation and only fan wish fulfillment. Not all agree either with one user saying: “I don’t think this would work because the Coulson from The Avengers is dead. The LMD receiving the letter wouldn’t have even remotely the same sort of impact, emotional or otherwise, as the original Coulson receiving it would have”.

Fans should expect some kind of MCU connection before Agents of SHIELD ends, though. Tying it back to Tony Stark would certainly be the most emotional payoff. Even better would be secret cameos by Avenger members, namely the return of Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury. Cameos from other notable Avengers from the past timeline would also bring better connections than just a letter.

Based on info from a supposedly secret on-set source via Comicbook.com, non-cameo tie-ins to Infinity War and Endgame will take place in the final episode as alternative history.

Maybe the show will ultimately stick with the intention of going its own way. Having the team meddle in the past could certainly change the final outcome to anything they wanted at this point.