Tami Roman Sends Warning to Women Who Hit Men Following Tahiry Jose and Vado’s Violent Incident on ‘Marriage Boot Camp’

Marriage Boot Camp fans are still reeling from the fight between Vado and Tahiry Jose. Things became violent between the two on the reality series following an electric shock drill. Many believe both are to blame and one person who shares those sentiments is Tami Roman. Roman says women need to keep their hands to themselves in relationships. 

Vado and Tahiry Jose on 'Marriage Boot Camp'
Vado and Tahiry Jose on ‘Marriage Boot Camp’ via Twitter

Tahiry Jose and Vado’s violent incident on ‘Marriage Boot Camp’

Tensions between Vado and Jose grew as a result of an electric shock drill. All couples were given a list of triggers that annoy them about their partner. If the other party did anything on the list, they were allowed to use the electric shock on them.

The couples were not aware of what triggers their partners were assigned. One of the things that Vado finds most annoying about Jose is that he says she does not listen and constantly yells. Initially, Vado did not use the shock but as Jose’s behavior continued, he began to shock her repeatedly. 

Jose became annoyed and increasingly angry. At one point, she threw two apples at Vado’s head. 

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During the recap of the day with the group, a visibility angry Vado sits as Jose expresses how she feels about the drill. When she begins to mention that she feels she gets most of the blame for her behavior in her relationship with Vado, he jumps up and chokes Jose, while screaming about her throwing apples at him just moments before.

Vado is escorted out of the room by the relationship counselor. He is evicted from the house the following day, though he’s allowed to continue with the program.

Tami Roman says woman should not hit men; says domestic violence isn’t exclusive to just women

The backlash against both Vado and Jose has been split. Many fans are upset that Vado was asked to leave the home while Jose was allowed to stay as they feel she’s equally responsible for the fight.

Social media users have been calling for the discussion around domestic violence to be expanded to include instances of women hitting men. Many believe some women initiate aggressive behavior by hitting men and cry victim if a man retaliates. 

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One person who slightly agrees is Roman. When speaking about the incident on her Bonnet Chronicles podcast, Roman says women need to also be held accountable for acts of violence against men.

“If you are a female that puts your hands on a man first, you can not count on the fact that he has been raise to not hit your a** back. And if he does hit you back, God forbid, to me I feel like that’s a fight,” she says.

Roman notes that she does not condone domestic violence of any kind, nor does she justify Vado’s retaliation. However, she makes it clear that women need to keep their hands to themselves.

“If you initiate some s**t, you gonna get what you get and that’s unfortunate,” she says.

Vado has since apologized for his actions, saying he lost his cool and his actions were out of character. Jose also says that prior to the incident, Vado never physically hit her. She has not made any remarks about the backlash of her throwing apples at Vado.