Tamra Judge From ‘RHOC’ Shares Eddie Needs a Watchman Implant, but What Is It?

Tamra Judge shared on Instagram that husband Eddie will have to endure yet another heart procedure. The Real Housewives of Orange County cast member posted three months ago that the couple did not receive positive news. They hoped a previous procedure would have corrected Eddie’s atrial fibrillation (Afib).

Eddie has dealt with what seems like endless surgeries to resolve the issue. After six procedures, Tamra was hopeful the final surgery in September worked.  “THANK YOU for all your prayers, messages and calls,” Tamra posted to her Instagram. “But most of all thank you Dr. Andrea Natale & team for working so hard to fix my husband. It’s been a long road and lot more difficult than anyone expected, confident this did the trick. Now it’s time to let your sweet heart heal my love.”

Tamra and Eddie Judge |Photo by Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images

But five months later the couple received devastating news. “Not the news we were hoping for,” Tamra posted. “We will keep fighting this fight. thank you for all the love. @eddiejudge you have my heart.” So what is the next step and what is a Watchman implant that Eddie will now need?

The left atrial appendage is not working

Most recently, Tamra shared the news on her Instagram story. She thanked her followers for sending messages. But again, not the news she hoped for. “Left atrial appendage is not working and he will need a Watchman implant.”

Although Tamra posted disappointing news, Eddie is still rocking his signature smile and continues to work out safely. Earlier in the month, he posted a picture running on a treadmill, appearing to be the picture of health. “Indoor running is not as much fun as outdoor but I am on a mission to ramp up my running as safe and effective as I can to protect my [heart],” he wrote.

Thankfully, Eddie is being smart about his fitness. “Occasionally, I have to do it in a controlled environment that allows me to track my progress and today was a great day to report that I’m making progress. My goal is to be able to run in my aerobic zone with little to no effort.”

What is a Watchman implant?

Hopefully, the Watchman implant will be the final step to help resolve Eddie’s heart issues. According to MyHeart.net, the small implant is designed for those with afib in order to reduce their risk for stroke.

People who have afib are at high risk for stroke “Atrial fibrillation is the most common cause of stroke and the majority of strokes in atrial fibrillation are caused by these appendage clots. Implanting the Watchman Device in to the left atrial appendage basically closes off the appendage and prevents any clots forming inside.”

Tamra Judge Instagram Story

How is the device implanted in the heart? “In the Watchman procedure a small tube is passed up to this appendage through the veins of the leg and the watchman device is deployed, closing off the appendage,” according to MyHeart.net. The site also offers an animated video of the procedure and how it ultimately closes off the appendage.

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