Tamron Hall Calls Out Two ‘Interesting’ Questions She Got From Reporters While Promoting Her Show

Former Today Show co-host Tamron Hall has a new husband, new baby, and new talk show show kicking off this fall. Now a working mom, the television personality is trying to balance her personal and professional life, hoping to be successful on all fronts. In doing press for her show, Hall encountered a few questions that gave her pause.

Tamron Hall | Chance Yeh/Getty Images

On leaving ‘Today’

Hall announced her pregnancy and marriage in a March Instagram post, revealing her growing baby bump and sharing that she had wed music executive Steve Greener. The good fortune was perfect timing for Hall, who had just experienced a tumultuous exit from her former post at NBC’s Today Show.

Hall told O, The Oprah Magazine that severing her relationship with the network was jarring. “I was 46 years old, and suddenly my dream job wasn’t there,” she said. “I saw a photo of me that day walking out of the studio. On the outside, people saw someone who is confident, who was walking out like a boss… But inside, I was very vulnerable. I was not afraid, but I was worried. I wasn’t clear on what was next, though I was hopeful. But absolutely, it was unsettling.”

The balancing act

Now with her family in her corner, Hall is setting out on her first solo venture with her talk show, Tamron Hall. With her son Moses just four months old, she’s finding it hard to tear herself away from her precious newborn.

“I’m trying to balance it all but it’s a work in progress,” Hall said on Good Morning America. “There have been days I’ve been in the corner crying, saying, ‘I’m a bad mom, wait a minute what am I doing’ — or I’m in the studio talking about a show idea and all I can think about is that face,” she said of her son.

The talk show host is heeding some wisdom given to her by a fellow mom. “It was the best advice and that just came from my friend saying, ‘My mother advice to you is to let him go, get that rest because you have to take care of yourself,'” Hall shared. “Those are the things we’re talking about on the show because the best of who we are we get from other people.”

Did you really just ask that question?

Hall is also discovering that there can sometimes be a double standard when it comes to parenting, noting that men often don’t get the same scrutiny as women when it comes to being on the home front.

In her interview with O, The Oprah Magazine, she recalled some questions she was asked by reporters that she doubted would have been posed to a man in her position.

“You know, in the course of promoting this show, I had two reporters ask me some interesting questions,” Hall shared. “One of them was: ‘Did you ever think about not doing this show once you found out that you were pregnant? Because a lot of affluent women decide not to work and raise a child.’ This was from a young woman working for a major publication. And I said ‘I don’t even understand that question.’”

The former Today Show co-host described another probing question that also seemed to be stereotyping. “And then I had another young writer ask me ‘Do you think you didn’t get married earlier because you doubled down too much on work—that you worked too hard?’” Hall said. “And I’m thinking, ‘No one who has raised a daughter of color or who has ever been poor has looked at their child and said, ‘Don’t you go working too hard.’… But this young woman was essentially saying that because I work hard, that led me to be unlucky in love. She would’ve never said that to a guy. And it was most shocking because it came from a young woman!”

Despite the somewhat gender-biased questions, Hall is on a major upward trajectory and is ready to make her new talk show a hit!