Tana Mongeau Wins Streamy Award for Creator of the Year and Fans Are Almost as Excited as She Is

She’s the loud, lovable Fashion Nova enthusiast and YouTube content creator so many viewers fell in love with. Fans watched Tana Mongeau date Bella Thorne, plan TanaCon, star in her own MTV reality series, and marry Jake Paul. Now, she’s this year’s Creator of the Year, taking home the Streamy Award for her YouTube videos. Here’s what fans and other YouTubers had to say about Tana Mongeau’s award-win.

Tana Mongeau is a 21-year-old YouTuber and reality television star

Some people know her as the YouTuber behind the failed convention, TanaCon. Others know her as the Fashion Nova ambassador who recently married Jake Paul. Tana Mongeau has been making crazy, funny, and lighthearted videos since 2015.

In less than five years, her channel grew to over five million subscribers with each video earning thousands, if not millions of views. This YouTube celebrity even branched out to work with MTV, for her reality series entitled Tana Turns 21. These episodes of MTV No Filter featured the YouTube and the days leading up to her 21st birthday, complete with cameos from her then-boyfriend Jake Paul and her wedding.

Additionally, during December 2019, Tana Mongeau became one of the winners at the 2019 Streamy Awards. The YouTuber took home the award for Creator of the Year, earning praise from other YouTubers, including Shane Dawson.

Tana Mongeau attends the 2019 MTV Video Music Awards
Tana Mongeau attends the 2019 MTV Video Music Awards | Photo by Bryan Bedder/WireImage

This YouTuber won the Streamy Award for Creator of the Year

Tana Mongeau has been nominated for a few awards in the past, including the Shorty Awards for YouTuber of the Year and YouTube Comedian. However, this year, the comedian took home the Streamy Award for Creator of the Year.

Other nominees for this award included Collins Key, David Dobrik, Emma Chamberlain, Lilly Singh, Loren Gray, MrBeast, Ninja, Safiya Nygaard, and Simply Nailogical. Once news broke of Tana’s win, the YouTuber took to social media, sharing messages with her fans.

“This is the best moment of my life. Of my career. The most full circle I’ve ever felt. Oh my god,” Tana tweeted. “I will never be able to express my gratitude to Shane Dawson, my fans, Jordan, and my friends.”

Fans shared their love with Tana Mongeau on social media

Tana Mongeau spread her gratitude on social media, sharing pictures and videos on her Instagram story, as well as short messages on her Twitter account. As a result, some fans and other YouTubers took to social media, writing their support.

“Congratulations on Creator of the Year! I was thinking of you earlier this week and the longevity you’ve had on your channel. It’s not easy to adapt and stay relevant and make good content year after year. You deserve it so much,” Raphael Gomes replied to Tana Mongeau’s tweet.

“[Tana Mongeau] winning creator of the year literally gives me hope I will one day grow my channel and create what I want,” wrote another Twitter user. “I’m so proud of you baby girl. You deserve this moment.”

Fans can watch Tana Montgeau’s videos on her YouTube account.