‘Tanked’ Stars Heather and Wayde Are Headed for Divorce Court

Not everything is going swimmingly in Las Vegas for the stars of Animal Planet’s Tanked.  The reality TV show’s star, Heather King was arrested in March for domestic violence. Apparently, a heated argument between Heather King and her husband Wayde King resulted in police activity. The pair were embroiled in a heated debate when police showed up and noted that Wayde appeared to have redness on his stomach. The tropical fish expert told police that his wife had slapped him in the face and kicked him in the stomach during a domestic dispute.

Is Heather King facing domestic abuse charges?

While police did book King for domestic abuse, she won’t be facing a lengthy court battle. Allegedly, the charges were dropped because there was not enough evidence, according to TMZ. Heather and Wayde King have been married for over 20 years. Wayde, for his part, was left at home after the incident. Wayde was not charged in the incident.

Heather admitted to police that she slapped and kicked Wayde, but alleges she only did so when he refused to let her leave the room they were arguing in. Neither Heather nor Wayde have commented on what caused the heated exchange.

Heather King has filed for divorce

Just days after being arrested for domestic violence, Heather took the next step and officially filed for divorce from Wayde. Heather has asked a judge to place a preliminary injunction on their joint assets. Apparently, this is done to ensure one partner does not deplete funds during the divorce proceedings. She has also asked a judge to grant her primary custody of the couple’s two children, according to TMZ.

Brett Raymer and Wayde King
Brett Raymer and Wayde King | Photo by: Paul Drinkwater/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Heather’s divorce demands didn’t stop there, though. The mother of two has also asked for child support, spousal support and has requested that Wayde provide health insurance for the couple’s two children. Wayde has not publicly commented on the proceedings or Heather’s requests.

Is Tanked canceled?

While fans of the Animal Planet show have enjoyed 15 seasons since 2011, they’ll have to get their fill of tropical fish somewhere else from now on. A rep for the network told media outlets that the show came to a natural end last year, and while Wayde and Heather’s domestic issues were troubling to the network, it wasn’t the reason the show came to an end. Insiders surmise that Animal Planet had plans to let the show come to a quiet demise, but were forced to address it after Heather was arrested.

The acrylic fish tank masters don’t plan to go quietly into the world of business, though. Apparently, Wayde and Brett, the two main stars of the show have plans on launching a YouTube channel together to keep the story going – at least they were planning on it. It is hard to say if the duo is still planning to work together now that Heather has filed for divorce. Brett and Wayde may be business partners, but Brett also happens to be Heather’s brother.