Tarek El Moussa Talks About What It’s Like to Host His New HGTV Show Without Ex Christina Anstead

Tarek El Moussa is going solo. The HGTV star has a new show premiering March 5, but it won’t feature his flipping partner and ex-wife Christina Anstead

In Flipping 101 w/Tarek El Moussa, El Moussa takes center stage as he helps novice real estate investors through the process of buying and flipping a home for profit. It’s an exciting step forward for the real estate pro, but also a daunting one.

Tarek shows novice flippers the ropes on ‘Flipping 101 w/Tarek El Moussa’

Tarek El Moussa climbing stairs
Flipping 101 w/Tarek El Moussa | HGTV

In the show, which debuts on Thursday at 9/8c on HGTV, El Moussa works with first-time flippers, helping them sidestep expensive mistakes as they turn shabby homes into profitable flips. 

“I’m sharing every lesson I’ve learned to help novice flippers survive their projects unscathed,” El Moussa said in a statement. “I’m going to show them how to take the worst of the worst and make a mountain of money turning their homes into the best on the block.”

In the first episode, El Moussa teams up with a couple who bought a 100-year-old Craftsman home sight unseen. They have the idea to put in a party room rather than a garage and also want to update the old layout. El Moussa tries to convince them to choose the practicality and historic charm that he thinks will appeal to buyers. 

“Some of these rookie flippers bought homes that I would never touch😬😬😬 for many of them I was actually scared!” El Moussa shared on Instagram.

‘I have no one,’ says Tarek El Moussa 

Fans know El Moussa from his hit show Flip or Flop, which premiered in 2013 and which he still hosts with his ex-wife Christina Anstead. But he says that this new show is different from the one that made it famous, in part because he’s going it alone. 

“Well you know, on Flip or Flop I had my costar, my ex-wife Christina, and we really got each other [and] helped each other,” he told House Beautiful. “We have on-screen chemistry and we’ve worked together for a very long time. Then I go to Flipping 101 and I have no one and I have no partners.”

“Obviously there’s a lot more riding on my skills when I’m the only one there,” El Moussa added. “So it’s just a little bit more pressure.” 

However, El Moussa won’t have to fly solo in every episode. His girlfriend Heather Rae Young, who appears on Netflix’s Selling Sunset, will put in a guest appearance on Flipping 101. 

‘Flip or Flop’ renewed for season 9

Fans who enjoy seeing El Moussa and Anstead work together aren’t out of luck. Flip or Flop was been renewed for season 9. New episodes should air in August 2020, according to HGTV. But in an Instagram post announcing the renewal, El Moussa hinted that the upcoming season might be the show’s last, asking fans what they would like to see “on what could be the last and final season of Flip or Flop.

Meanwhile, Anstead has also struck out on her own with her HGTV series Christina on the Coast. Its second season premiered in early January.