Is Taylor Swift in ‘Cats?’ Here’s Our Look Into the Cast of this Movie-Musical

2019 has been a good year for Taylor Swift fans. The pop star released her self-written album, Lover. She was named “Artist of the Decade” at the American Music Awards. Taylor Swift also stars in the movie adaptation of Cats, complete with music written by Andrew Lloyd Webber.

Who does this artist play in this film? When does it premiere in theaters? Here’s what we know about this movie-musical and its cast.

Taylor Swift sprinkles catnip in the movie-musical ‘Cats’

She’s not just a Grammy award-winning singer. This December, Taylor Swift takes her appreciation for cats to the next level, as she stars in the film adaptation of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Cats. She portrays Bombalurina and fans are already living for her catnip moment in the film’s trailer.

This is not the first time the “You Belong With Me” singer auditioned for a movie-musical. During an interview with Variety, Taylor Swift said, “I had actually done screen tests for ‘Les Mis’ and had met (Hooper) through that process, like 2012.”

“I didn’t get it, but it was such an amazing experience just doing the screen test. And I was obviously like, ‘I’m not going to get this,’ because the other girl was amazing and was on the West End — Samantha Barks,” she continued. “She’s incredible and she fully killed the role and was amazing… I just had a good time doing the screen tests.”

This movie-musical has a few familiar faces, including James Corden, Jason Derulo, and Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is not the only star in this movie-musical. She appears alongside actors like James Corden, Jason Derulo, Jennifer Hudson, Rebel Wilson, Judi Dench, and more. According to an interview from Variety, the artist even has a new song in this movie that does not appear in the original musical production.

“When I was younger, I used to get questions like, ‘where do you see yourself in 10 years?’ I’d try to answer. As I get older, I’m learning that wisdom is learning how dumb you are compared to how much you are going to know,” Taylor Swift said during an interview with British Vogue. “I really had an amazing time with Cats. I think I loved the weirdness of it. I loved how I felt I’d never get another opportunity to be like this in my life.”

Taylor Swift performs during the TIME 100 Gala 2019 Dinner
Taylor Swift performs during the TIME 100 Gala 2019 Dinner | Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for TIME

When does ‘Cats’ premiere in theaters?

Once the trailer for Cats premiered on YouTube, it quickly earned over a million views. Although viewers’ opinions are split on this adaptation, some fans of Taylor Swift are already excited to see the artist in a new role.

Cats premiered in theaters on Christmas Day of 2019. Until seeing it, some fans took to social media, sharing their love for the actress. One Twitter user said, “Taylor Swift being the only famous cast member promoting for Cats movie every single month, despite the movie has 48 actors/actresses and Miss Swift is not even the leading actress of the film. Her Cats obsession is crazy!”

Cats is now playing in theaters. Music by Taylor Swift, including songs like “You Need to Calm Down” and “Lover” is available on Spotify, Apple Music, and most major streaming platforms.