Taylor Swift Debuts the ‘Lover’ Music Video On YouTube Live

Taylor Swift’s new album, Lover, is almost here. But hours before its release on Aug. 23, 2019, Swift decided to do something special for her fans. She hosted a YouTube Live session in which she shared details about the new album and premiered the music video for the title track. Here’s what we learned.

Swift revealed a secret about the deluxe album

Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift performs on ABC’s “Good Morning America” on August 22, 2019, in New York City. | Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images for ABA

Swift said that because she loves the number 13, and this is her thirteenth year as a performer, she wanted to something “retrospective and nostalgic.” So each of the four different deluxe editions features 30 pages of diary entries from Swift’s life.

She read some of these aloud, recalling back to what it was like to be 13 and worried about popularity. But one of the most special entries came a time when she was sick and performing, but looking forward to getting her first cat, Meredith Grey (named after the Grey’s Anatomy character).

How she came up with the title for ‘Lover’

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Swift says that she writes the music first, then plans out her album titles based on what they convey. “I like to think of how the shows are going to look and how the album imagery is going to look,” she said, saying she thinks “What’s the title that would best describe this?” 

With Lover, she thought it might be called “Daylight,” which is track 18 on the album. However,  there was one time in which she didn’t follow her usual pattern, saying that with her previous album, Reputation, she came up with the album title first and worked from there.

She answered a hilarious question that relates to ‘Cats’

Swift took the time to answer several fan questions that were sent in prior to the live session. One fan asked a very specific question that Swift loved: If Lover was a character from Cats (the musical which has been adapted into a film starring Swift), who would they be?

She singer had no problem answering this — in fact, she chose a character for each of her albums. In chronological order: She self-titled album is Victoria the white cat, Fearless is Jemima, Speak Now is Gus the theatrical cat, Red is the cat she plays in the film, Bombalurina,  1989 is the Magical Mr. Mistoffelees, Reputation is Grizzabella, and Lover is one Munkustrap.

Swift premiered the music video for the title track

Finally, Swift premiered the video for “Lover.” The video stars Swift and Christian Owen, a talented performer who was with Swift on her Reputation tour. Swift calls him “heroic,” and adds that he’s about to put out his own music. 

The inspiration for the video came from a very specific place, the song “You’re in Love” off of 1989. Swift says that she wrote the song because she thought that the relationship between two friends of hers was “beautiful. The lyrics that inspired the “Lover” video are: “So it goes / You two are dancing in a snow globe, go round and round.”

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