What Did Taylor Swift Say About Making This Fan-Favorite ‘Lover’ Track A Single?

Famed singer-songwriter Taylor Swift has had a very busy year. Her new album, Lover, was introduced with a number of hit singles. But some fans think she should make one specific track into a single. Here’s what Swift said about this idea.

Taylor Swift’s album ‘Lover’ was released in August

Taylor Swift accepts the Favorite Album - Pop/Rock award for 'Lover' at the 2019 American Music Awards
Taylor Swift accepts the Favorite Album – Pop/Rock award for ‘Lover’ at the 2019 American Music Awards | Kevin Mazur/AMA2019/Getty Images for dcp

Swift released her seventh studio album, titled Lover, on Aug. 23, 2019. Typically, the artist has put out one album every two years, though she offset this by one year with 2017’s Reputation. Swift put herself back on schedule (and even a couple of months early) with Lover.

The album is a very special one to the singer. It’s the first of which she owns all her master recordings outright. For the past several months, Swift has been embroiled in a feud with Scooter Braun, whose company acquired her former label, Big Machine Records, and now owns the rights to her masters from her previous six albums.

How many ‘Lover’ singles were there?

Swift released four singles off of Lover prior to its release. First was “Me!” featuring Panic! At the Disco frontman Brandon Urie. This song and accompanying video came out on April 26, 2019, before she had even announced the full album. It was followed by “You Need to Calm Down” in June, especially time for Pride Month.

The artist then released “The Archer,” which only received a lyric video. Finally, she capped things off with the title track, “Lover.” The “Lover” music video came out just one day before the full album on Aug. 22, 2019.

One fan suggested Swift make ‘Cruel Summer’ a single

Shortly before its arrival, Swift shared the tracklist for Lover. It’s a hefty one, with a total of 18 songs. So when the album officially dropped, fans quickly began to debate their favorite tracks. One that appeared to rise above the pack was track no. 2, “Cruel Summer,” which appears to detail the beginning of Swift’s relationship with boyfriend Joe Alwyn.

At the Cats premiere, Swift ran into Ryan Schocket, a writer for BuzzFeed. He shared their selfies on Twitter while explaining that he proposed she make “Cruel Summer” a single. Apparently, she was “into” the idea of getting on that sooner rather than later. Schocket suggested the video share the “vibe” of her 2012 single “I Knew You Were Trouble” off her album Red.

She already put out a new song

Lover isn’t the only thing Swift has accomplished this year. She’s been very busy. She has spent the past few months attending awards shows and promoting Cats, but she still managed to find time to write, record, and put out another song not tied to Lover: “Christmas Tree Farm.”

The new track was allegedly written over the course of a weekend right around Thanksgiving. Swift managed to turn it around at a rapid pace with the help of a couple of producers, as well as an accompanying video made up of home movies. And all of this took place while she celebrated her 30th birthday.

What is Swift focused on in 2020?

Clearly, Swift can multitask with the best of them. But another single seems like it would be the last thing on her mind. Now that Cats is out, aside from attending the Golden Globes, her duties there are done. However, she has a much more pressing matter at the forefront.

Swift will begin her upcoming Lover tour in June 2020. That may seem like a while away, but in the meantime, a lot of preparation is involved in getting ready for a festival-like tour. We have a feeling that means we won’t be seeing a “Cruel Summer” video anytime soon — but then again, you never know with Swift.